Trump Is Different, and Different Scares People

"You think that if you don't fight back then maybe they'll like you, stop picking on you, calling you a freak.  Well, here's what it is.  They don't like you.  They don't dislike you.  They're afraid of you.  You're different.  Sooner or later different scares people.  Victim or not; make a decision."     The Accountant, 2016

The above words are from the film, The Accountant, spoken by the father of the main character, a brilliant man who as a child was diagnosed with Asperger's, a high-functioning form of autism.  The father is a career military man, a Colonel who, rather than treat the boy as disabled, trains him to confront his social demons and to deal with the world as it is.  The boy is bullied at school, of course, and the quote launches a flashback to when the boy is about twelve.  The father takes him and his younger brother to a meet where a group of other boys are planning to beat him, and gives the little speech at top before his son gets out of the car to confront the bullies.  But the boy is prepared.  His father has trained him well; the training has been brutal and effective. 

The father’s admonition perfectly describes President Trump's place in the DC establishment since winning the election.  They don't like him.  They are afraid of him.  He's different and different scares them.  He does not think like them, operate like them, or play by their rules.  So they want to take him out.  They are the bullies, our beltway politicos and the media.  Trump is not afraid of bullies.  The quote is also a prescription for and an explanation of how Trump is dealing with his place in that world.  Somewhere along the way he learned, or someone trained him, to never be a victim.

For many months, the Democrats have insisted Trump colluded with Russia to win the election.  Everyone, including the Democrats, knows very well this is not true, that it was a tall tale invented by the Clinton campaign the night she lost the election.  But because the Democrats and their handmaidens in the media assume the public is stupid, they thought they could pull it off.  They have learned their lessons from Goebbels and Alinsky; it's all about selling the big lie.  

No one has been more dogged to that end than California congressman Adam Schiff.  He continues to make a fool of himself slogging this false narrative.  And now it is blowing up in the faces of the Democrat/media connivance to bring down a President they abhor.  As the truth begins to break through the media blockade, the fact that it has been the Democrats all along who were colluding with the Russians is becoming quite clear to a wider public.  The Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign, the FBI, our intelligence agencies under Obama, have all colluded to undermine and sabotage the new President. (Russia tries

to intervene in elections all over the world to sow chaos.)   They will not succeed as Trump long ago learned who to ignore and who to engage.  He knows how not to be a casualty of orchestrated smear campaigns: fight back hard.  When he fights back like the left, the left is stunned.  How dare he behave as they do!

As long as people like Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Patty Murray, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Keith Ellison, Luis Gutierrez, Al Franken, John McCain, Susan Collins, etc. keep getting elected, the country will continue to be drawn into the vortex of Marxist socialism and all that it entails (think Venezuela) and the scourge of single-payer health care which, of course, is not health care at all.  It is ironic that the left keeps harping about Russia.  For decades progressives revered and hoped to emulate the former USSR.  Such is the blatant hypocrisy of the left.  They, of course, would never submit to the indignities of anything less than concierge care, let alone Medicaid; they want to throw money at the middle class and the poor and not be bothered by their petty problems like the fact that they do not have access to actual care.  The elitists in Congress only want to feel good about themselves.  They rarely follow through and discover that their lobbyist-launched votes for or against any policy have been disastrous for "the people" for whom they care not at all.  

With the possible exception of Joe Manchin, it is impossible to name a single Democrat with an actual conscience regarding "the people." There are several Republicans: Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley, Louie Gohmert, and Trey Gowdy who are honest brokers, men who are of the actual world, not the pretend, insulated version of it.  There are a few more but not nearly enough to buck the rest of them, the capitulators.  

The Founders would be ashamed.  The loss of reverence for individual liberty and overall freedom and the left's love of statism are a betrayal of all they had achieved by 1789.  The Democrats' disdain for the Constitution is heartbreaking.  The vicious retribution of John McCain's tanking even the slightest, almost meaningless repeal of Obamacare is a personal revenge victory for him and a blight upon the nation. McCain revealed that his own character yields to his personal demons, not the country or the people who elected him.  

The very fictional life of The Accountants character is the stuff of all violent action films and has nothing whatever to do with Trump beyond the reaction to his presence in the midst of a closed community, Washington, DC.  His own family was intact and he was trained to be a warrior in business, a survivor, not a virtual machine for physical self-defense.  But the words of the film's warrior father ring true:  The DC establishment, Democrat and Republican, does not like Trump. They are afraid of him because he is different and different scares them.

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