Obamacare Repeal and Replace: Who's on First?

President Trump’s ability to run circles around MSM and those who want him defeated on all fronts illustrates deal making techniques that are not recognized by most Americans, friend of foe.

First: We must understand that President Trump is not a Republican. Rather he is a Trumpican, a man of his own beliefs not a party line, now dedicated to using every tool he has to “Make America Great Again.” Labels do not matter.  Technique as judged by the media and many voters is of little value.

Second: baseball.  It was Babe Ruth who it is said in the 1932 World Series pointed his bat to the center field fence, and on the next pitch hit a home run over that very fence.

A detail from Robert Thom's painting depicting Babe Ruth's “Called Shot” in the 1932; Baseball Hall of Fame

During the primary and general election, Donald Trump, the Trumpican, pointed out over the fences in several ball parks with various claims of what he would get done as President.  The media laughed and called him and his family nasty names.  Yet, now, 6 ½ months into his Presidency he has indeed, mostly through constitutionally legal executive orders, followed through on many of his promises hitting the ball exactly where he pointed.

Third: The Media, Dump Trump, no Trump, Democrats or whatever they are.  Many continue to analyze President Trump with their vision of what he is or should be, which of course totally mis-categorizes him.  He does not simply hit the ball and then round the bases ending up at home plate.  Rather, he may be found all over the field and even behind the concession stands selling “Make America Great Again” beer.

He is a deal maker.  He has an end point for each issue and the will to reach that end-point using whatever legal maneuvers he has.  He may often say the opposite of where he intends to go if that is necessary.  Thus, it is best to listen to his end-point not what he says getting there.

Fourth: Abbot and Costello:

 Needless to say, Congress and the others are Lou Costello.  They just don’t get it.

During the election, Donald Trump pointed way out over the center field fence and proclaimed “To Make America Great Again” Obamacare must be Repealed and Replaced.  He has now begun his turn at bat.  Early on, he determined that there was no way Congress could agree to a Repeal and Replace Bill that was worthy of his signature.  So, he joined them in pushing for that very bill knowing it would fail, while in the meantime Obamacare would continue to self-destruct.  He needed failure to gain the support of many of the Repeal and Replace people who also now understand that this all at once will not pass.  More support, but ground out to first base, unassisted! Maybe. 

Fifth: Timing is critical in making a deal.  Time Out. So, just as Congress is about to go on recess and face the voters, knowing that the MSM will misrepresent whatever he says, he jumped on Twitter with: “If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately REPEAL, and then REPLACE at a later date!”

Millions of voters during the time out will remember that Repeal means they can go back to their doctor, their previous much lower premiums and lower deductibles.  The millions who were dumped into the poorly funded and executed Medicaid welfare program could now once again afford real insurance and much better health care again with their choice of doctor.

It might take another strike, and perhaps a rain delay or two, but President Trump still has his goal of standing on home plate proclaiming Obamacare has been Repealed and some of the Replace has been enacted as well leaving the rest for later innings after a massive Republican win in 2018.

Sixth: Back to Abbot and Costello and Donald Trump. Instead of returning to the dugout with the others, he sprinted over to third base, overcoming cries of foul play by proclaiming “I am President. I will take whatever base I want.”  After all, that is what the last President did time and time again, sadly with no cry of foul play.  All the while President Trump uses Twitter to divert attention by lashing out at various media people who have not spoken kindly of him.

Seventh Inning Stretch – God Bless America: When Congress returns from their thrashing by voters (ignored by the media) they will not find anyone on third base, as the President has toured the stands receiving massive cheers and now stands at second base proclaiming Repeal now and Replace while using Twitter and other resources to explain to the voters some pieces for immediate Replace when Congress returns and others to Replace later.

Eighth: It is now unrestricted “Free Agency Time” with an impressive number of congressmen desiring to change teams before the 2018 election standing along the Trump dugout fence chanting “Repeal and Replace.” Who, What, Tomorrow and Today and even I Don’t Give A Darn are screaming the loudest hoping to get the President’s attention.  The President waves for them to join him on second, just as the opposing manager - CEO of some giant corporation that owns some giant Media Outlet - has called a huddle on the Pitcher’s mound.  Now with perfect timing, the entire Trump team sprints forward leaping over the entire opposing team and stomps on home plate proclaiming we have Repealed and here are some of the Replacements that we have already passed:

1.      Repeal the federal McCarran-Ferguson Act (1945) restrictions for selling health insurance over state lines.

2.      Make “Health Savings Accounts” with a much wider interpretation available to all.

3.      Make individual payments for health insurance deductible on Federal Income Tax Returns, thereby giving individuals the same tax break as Corporations.

4.      Provide, for a limited number of years until the States can catch up, a Federal “Catastrophic Healthcare Cost Pool” from which insurance companies would be reimbursed for an individual’s lifetime medical costs in excess of $250,000 (or higher amount) which eliminates the issue of Pre-existing conditions.

5.      Eliminate all restrictions - except that the funds must be used for health care or health insurance - on Medicaid payments to the states thereby leaving the states and the people with the responsibility of determining their health care and health insurance needs.  (Remember the 10th Amendment? It has not been repealed, just ignored.)

6.      Pay for this with real cuts (not cuts in the amount of desired increase) on various Federal Budgets as well as the cost savings of eliminating the thousands of Federal Employees required to hold roughshod over our citizens.

Ninth: It's Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Grant Giske is a west coast based entrepreneur, inventor and occasional American Thinker contributor who would like your ideas on Repeal and Replace and Making America Great Again at grant@wooska.com

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