Trump-Hatred and the Death Fears of the Boomer Left

If the prospect of hanging in a fortnight concentrates the mind wonderfully, that goes even more for the Boomer left, who are now reaching their '70s.  That would include Hillary, Bill, John Kerry, and Bernie Sanders, as well as those cuddly twins, Jim Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

The Boomer left were the generation of Free Love, the glorious sixties, and the Age of Aquarius.  This is why John Kerry considers the jihad against us too 19th-century for words.  He's sure it must all be a big misunderstanding, and if we just tell them we love them, they'll stop killing us. 

Hillary has her very own Muslim Brotherhood indoctrinee as her closest confidante, Huma Abedin, who helped to run her treacherous email channel to any hacker in the world, including the Russians, the Israelis, the North Koreans, the Chinese, the Iranians, and a couple of doped up kids at MIT. 

Everybody hacked into Hillary's amateur server, just to limber up their fingers on a cold morning. 

That included big, big foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation, including Ikhwan supporters who want to kill us. 

The most obvious reason for Hillary's email setup was to give cover to global influence-peddlers and agents, the same folks who bought missile launching secrets for China from Bill Clinton, before he was impeached and had his heart attack.  Never forget that Bill betrayed this country for money, and Hillary is his twin sister. 

Comey's and Mueller's attack on POTUS are an obvious effort to distract and cover up the flagrant jihadist infiltration of the Obama years.  If Robert Mueller were a patriot, he would be going after Comey, Brennan, and Clapper, plus Huma and Valerie Jarrett.  Hell, he would go after Hillary or BHO.  Guess what: Mueller is in cahoots with the Three Stooges. 

The Boomers are getting old, and now they are replaying their greatest victories of the sixties.  They have to believe they changed America forever, just as Obama did.  To them, Donald Trump is Richard Nixon and Watergate all over again, and they know in their bones that President Trump will soon hang from the nearest tree.  He's guilty before being proven innocent.  They are more than a little touched in the head, but hey!  Who's going to tell 'em? 

For the aging Boomer left, Hillary was Destined to Win, just as Obama was Destined to Win, because he was the first black guy, and Hillary was going to be the first female president.  This is called "magical thinking" in young children, and it seems to be the main psychological reason for that air of divine certainty enjoyed by all the Dems, before Trump beat them hollow. 

You see, if Trump had really won the election legitimately, the Boomer left would have to realize they never actually convinced normal Americans of their superiority, not to mention the inevitable victory of the left.  America is still as "deplorable" as ever, and Hillary's inverted universe is still as upside-down as ever. 

We now know that the Russian blame gambit was set up by John Podesta before the election, just in case the media needed to whip up a phony lynch mob.  Today we see the mob screaming its head off.  You have to remember that the Democrats started the KKK in the years after the Civil War.  Lynch mobs are sort of business as normal for them. 

The Boomer left is an aberration in this country.  Normal Americans know that, which is why they voted for Trump.  With Trump's victory, the left got its comeuppance.  But they are still in denial, which is what their raving madness is all about. 

It's like John Kerry's idea that the age of nation-states is gone.  Didn't we have the sixties to prove that the world is now all about peace and love? 

This is the same delusional cult that has the Eurogogues demanding that we keep paying for three quarters of their defenses,, because Europe is now the Vanguard of the People's Revolution. 

Angela Merkel is a Boomer leftie, and so is whoever is this week's prime minister of the U.K.  All of them are seriously delusional – witness the fact that they can't root out the jihadist traitors in their midst.  The cops know who's out there ready to kill innocent people, but they know they can't arrest the perps before the perps commit murder.  This is why Europe and the U.S. used to have preventive detention in time of war, because everybody knew who was dangerous. 

Today, German soldiers are having to yell "BANG!" when their rifles are supposed to go off, because they can't afford real ammo.  Europe is filled with elderly teenagers who've never had to grow up, which is why they spent their Deutschmarks on importing more jihadis from the badlands of Pakistan.

If Vlad Putin doesn't invade Europe soon, he's going to have nuclear jihad powers in Germany, France, and England. 

The media are filled with influence agents who just happen to have Arab names like "Shaheed" (one who conducts Jihad) and "El Wahhab" (a member of the warmongering Wahhabi tribe). 

Of course, we are just as stupid and feckless – especially the Three Stooges, Jim Comey (ex-FBI), Jim Clapper (ex-DNI), and John O. Brennan (ex-CIA). 

The media lynch mobs are going after the president of the United States today for exactly the same reason they went after Richard M. Nixon.  Nixon exposed Stalinist infiltrators in the U.S. guvmint, especially the State Department. 

Ben Bradlee (ex-CIA) and Mark Felt (FBI) plotted to leak Nixon to death, and so they did. 

Today the newsies are trying to tell us the "Deep State" doesn't exist. Well, today you can see the worst of them on your computer screen.  They are the folks testifying before Congress, and their knives are still out to kill the duly elected POTUS.  That's what the latest special counsel is supposed to do. 

In the real world, jihad is waged by brainwashed moral monsters who constantly try to infiltrate, sabotage, suborn, undermine, and conquer the Organs of Propaganda, including the New York Times and the Washington Post. 

Jihad is obviously been very successful at infiltration. 

Our patriotic media have been trying to cover up the fact that our House Intelligence Committee's computers were run by three Pakistani Muslim brothers named Awan, led by their mother, who is also an I.T. "contractor" for Congress.  Today the Awan brothers are on the run and back in Pakistan, becoming the toast of Jalalabad, because Pakistan is a jihad nation that celebrates the murder of infidels. 

Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and all the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee were asked about the Awan brothers, and they just didn't know a thing about them. The WHO brothers?  Never heard of them.

This means outright betrayal of crucial national security secrets at the House Intelligence Committee, or maybe our representatives have I.Q.s below zero.  I choose to believe that nobody can be as dumb as the Democrats are pretending to be.  This is 16 years after 9/11/01, and our media and politicians haven't said one single true word yet. 

If the FBI and CIA were actually doing their jobs, rather than plotting against POTUS, they would have arrested the Awans years ago, along with Debbie, Huma, and all the other jihad infiltrators into the U.S. guvmint.  You could add half of Obama's appointments, especially Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian indoctrinee who set up the nuclear surrender to the mullahs. 

Right now it looks as though the bad guys are going to win. 

But we've seen this one before.

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