The Truth Goes Marching On

When Angela Merkel betrayed her own country by allowing its girls, boys, and women to be raped and abused by 200,000 “rapefugees” from Syria and Turkey, men from a culture that openly teaches that women and children should be degraded and that a single woman walking alone is asking to be raped, much of the world was shocked. I know I felt that way. But Merkel simply told the German media not to criticize her gross surrender to Jihad, so they shut up. Frau “Mutti” Merkel won the endorsement of her party and a sort of election, and she’s back in the saddle again. But she is a communist by indoctrination (in the former East Germany) and her new globalist empire in the EU, which also runs the UN in collusion with Jihad.

Europe is no longer democratic. When a supposedly “democratic” ruler can tell her national media to cover up an act of violent treason against her citizens, you know that all the critics are right. Marine le Pen, Geert Wilders, and Nigel Farage have been telling the truth all along, and the new aristocracy of Europe is even worse than the old one. At least the old aristocrats cared about their peoples. The new Power Class is “internationalist” in its outlook, and if that means shafting the local folks, well, so be it. That is exactly what the EU keeps doing in the most destructive way. Merkel made her decision to import those thugs by calling Recip Erdogan in Istanbul, who controls those 30 million Turks in Germany. All the Euro bureaucrats know that; only the voters are kept in the dark.

When Donald Trump actually won an American election according to the U.S. Constitution, Der Spiegel attacked Trump in uncontrolled outrage -- but then Der Spiegel is a party line rag anyway, and has no more respect for reality than the New York Times. The trouble is that a regime of endless lies inevitably destroys the people, an old piece of wisdom that the propaganda class has long lost track of. Liberals around the world believe their mass media delusions, but the circling wolves know very well how vulnerable they are. It’s only a matter of time before Europe will be torn apart by Jihad, by China and Russia and other serious forces. In one of his funniest acts, Donald Trump gave Angela Merkel an actual bill for all the billions or trillions Europe owes us for defending their sorry hides for almost 80 years, with around a 1% GDP contribution of those nations to NATO. Every single nation in the EU has been cannibalizing its defenses to buy more welfare votes from more unassimilable immigrants from the tribal territories of the world.

But the EU leadership is not blind to danger; rather, it understands how violent Muslims really are, on an everyday basis, not when they were united under the Ottoman Caliphate. The EU has all the facts and figures at their fingertips. The EU simply decided that the native peoples of Europe have to suck it up and take it. Divide and conquer was never a merciful act. The EU elites have convinced themselves that “populist” movements must be Nazis, a very self-serving delusion, when they themselves are crooks and cruel mass manipulators of the worst kind. But “Europe means peace,” just as “Islam means peace” according to Europrop. These people are genuine power-hungry sociopaths, and when the Greek economy crashed because of the euro (which is really the Deutschmark) and Athenians had to cut down their city parks for fuel to get through the winter, they stuck their arrogant noses in the air and blamed the Greeks. (Who actually colluded in their own destruction, of course. Europe is full of government-led delusions these days.)

So when Donald Trump walks into the G-7 meeting and tells them he represents Pittsburgh and not Paris, he is speaking the literal truth. Because Paris (and Berlin) form the Thieves’ Axis of Europe today, all their decisions go to benefit Berlin and Paris. The “European Union” is a humongous fraud, designed to suck all the power out of the British Parliament in London, along with Rome, Madrid, Athens, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and every other national center of power, piling up all the power in Brussels, which is the obedient servant of Paris and Berlin.

Slick, right?

Herr Dr. Jean-Claude Juncker, one of the talking heads of the EU who actually “represents” tiny Luxembourg, gave the game away when he explained how the EU had to carve European nations into phony districts that have no historical or popular basis, as part of its “divide and conquer” strategy. The Germans were told to follow EU demands to take in 30,000,000 Turks over the years, while deluding themselves that those deeply indoctrinated Muslims could be turned into German citizens.

Like American liberals, European liberals are profoundly deluded, and out of those fantasy beliefs they make heartless and destructive decisions.

I’ve always felt Donald Trump had the right stuff in him, and I agreed with his good sense and truth-telling. But I never thought he’d follow up on his long-held beliefs as clearly as this.

I think America has a truth-teller as President, after four Democratic frauds since Jimmy Carter, who was the first to sell out the free world to the ayatollahs. Our liberals are “globalists” too, and to people like Obama, Iranians have tanned skins (not quite brown or black), and they surely deserve their racial and ethnic revenge.

You think I’m kidding? Take a look at our leftists and how they act and think. They are dangerous beyond belief. Take them at their own words, including murderous threats directed at the duly elected President of the United States. They really are whipping each other up to kill, and maybe to rebel against duly constituted authority. Yes, they are ignorant and stuck in perverse beliefs, but this is exactly this kind of mad atmosphere of blind rage that set the stage for previous assassination attempts.

So be prepared to defend constitutional government in these United States. You may actually have to do more than walk to the polls. No matter what happens the media will blame their enemy -- the American people -- but don’t believe a word. All the little Marxists on our campuses know full well that “revolution” means violence, and so do their professors. The Jihad crowd is just preparing the battlefield, and “comedians” have turned into lynch mob leaders. We have been watching it happen, so be mentally prepared for whatever comes. With luck, the left-o-mobs will calm down to a dull roar, but conservative media have to do their part.

John Podesta and Hillary have spread a “stab-in-the-back” meme in the country, just as Hitler did to gain power in Weimar Germany. This is classical revenge propaganda, and the president has to be protected. Violent outliers like Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme. and Lee Harvey Oswald see their chance to make history in times like this. The Democrat media understand that very well, and they are whipping up public rage with their lies every single day. When we think it’s finally dying down, they put somebody like Comey in the news to start the outrage again. They are by far the worst lynch mob leaders since the Ku Klux Klan, and like the Klan, they understand exactly what they are doing.

So do the Europeans, who have a history filled with lynch mobs. This over-the-top rage comes from the top. Erdogan is another one in Turkey. And the complicit media will secretly applaud violence directed against Donald Trump.

That’s the dangerous mob machine they have set into motion both here and in Europe. I’m glad that Trump has his own protective detail as well as the Secret Service, because Obama blew apart our Secret Service when he was president. It needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up again.