Stockholm Syndrome and Fifty Shades of Gray

Stockholm Syndrome was first named in 1973 when a failed bank robbery resulted in four hostages being taken. To the surprise of Stockholm police – and just about everyone else on the planet – the hostages assisted the robbers, defended them to the media, and later refused to testify against them.  

This is a real phenomenon among survivors of abuse who have no possibility of escape. It was described by the psychoanalyst Viktor Frankl in Nazi concentration camp inmates, some of whom volunteered to become “Kapos” (KampPolizei), prison guards who wore mock SS uniforms and abused other prisoners on behalf of their captors. Psychologically, Stockholm Syndrome may be an evolutionary adaptation in women and children who are brutalized and sexually attacked for so long that they have no hope of escape. 

This psychological phenomenon is also known as “identifying with the aggressor.” It is not unusual in conditions of inescapable abuse, because from a biological point of view, sexual kidnap victims’ only hope for survival is to surrender and show complete and utter submission. 

The Swedish surrender of the city of Malmö to Jihad may be an example of Stockholm Syndrome on a large scale. Sweden has celebrated sexual “liberation” for decades, with the results that many Swedes need more and more of a ‘kick” to get the same satisfaction. This kind of addictive escalation is common in human history, as in the Roman emperors who had absolute power, and in the French aristocracy before the French Revolution. The writings of Marquis de Sade provide a famous example. 

In the new Jihad war, it is likely that the United States has been infiltrated by Saudi and Iranian jihadis, who join in the American “free sex” culture (let’s not forget that the last thing the 9/11 hijackers did the night before carrying out their attack was to visit a strip club). Because Muslim culture celebrates pedophilia with children who have no capacity to even imagine what it is like to submit to sexual abuse, there is a long Western colonial tradition of pedophiles and homosexuals who travel to Muslim countries where they can practice their deviant style. The famous novel series of colonial Egypt by Lawrence Durrell, The Alexandria Quartet, takes pedophile kidnapping and its traumatic effects as a major theme. Pedophile dominance is also featured in Kipling’s famous novel Kim. Obama’s professor Edward Said at Columbia published a famous critique of Western imperialism in a book called Orientalism, which features a pedophile painting on its cover. In Europe and America, sexual tourism to other countries is conducted to allow addicts to indulge their tastes in places where such practices are legal. 

In the 1930s, the Soviet NKVD took advantage of the British prohibition of male homosexuality to recruit professors and college students at Cambridge University to become Soviet spies. The Cambridge Spies are perhaps the most (in)famous cases of successful espionage against the UK in the 20th century. Six of the lifelong spies became publicly known, but the actual number may have been much larger. Both the Gestapo and Jihad plausibly learned their spycraft from the successful Soviets. 

Sexual abuse of women and children, and plausibly of male homosexuals, is a standard feature of Jihad. Sexual victimization of wartime slaves is an explicitly stated incentive in the theological doctrine of Jihad, which emerged out of primitive desert warfare in the 6th century. 

The vital strategic question is whether dominant-submissive sex practices are also a means for Jihad infiltration and sabotage in modern Western cultures, which are helpless targets for this kind of aggression. Some Westerners go out of their way to invite this kind of assault. The major cities of Europe and America all have a subterranean culture of sexual obsessions, a natural target for a war theology that celebrates submissive sexuality. The pre-Hitler Weimar culture of Germany was also marked by publicly celebrated sexual deviancy. Such cultures are easy prey for serious aggressors. 

Admiral James Lyons has been the most articulate truth-teller on the Jihad war, which he believes goes back to the 1960s and 70s, when OPEC began to amass enormous oil wealth. Because Islam executes men who practice deviant sexuality (by its own definition), many Saudi “princes” visited London and the United States to indulge in sexual habits that are forbidden in Saudi Arabia, such as receptive anal intercourse. Islam does not prohibit all homosexual acts, only those where the Muslim male is passive. Afghanistan is (in)famous for dominant males who take boys from low-status tribes for sex slaves. Violent rape of boys has appeared in the Jihad invasion of Germany and Sweden. 

The famous anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon is one of the most important students of tribal warfare in the last half century. Since the 1960s Chagnon has described the Yanamamo, a South American hunting and foraging people who practice intergroup violence so often that about 30 percent of adult males die from violence in each generation. (Chagnon, 1966). After decades of intense controversy, a number of scientific anthropologists have been persuaded by the extensive evidence for bachelor raids on neighboring clans for the purpose of killing males and kidnapping and raping females. 

Chagnon has provided evidence that such a war strategy actually pays Darwinian reproductive benefits to the aggressor. Access to submissive women is sometimes openly declared by tribal peoples to be a major incentive for aggressive war. 

After the rise of feminism half a century ago, it became a strict taboo in American and European culture to talk about what Sigmund Freud called “female masochism.” It is understandable that anything that encourages the brutal abuse and rape of women should be discouraged by civilized peoples. 

However, the open surrender to Jihad in Europe, specifically Sweden and Germany, now has many of the earmarks of a large-scale Stockholm Syndrome. The very large sales figures of mainstream pornography books featuring male domination of women, as in Fifty Shades of Gray, and its successor, Fifty Shades of Black, shows how much female abuse and submissiveness has been normalized, particularly in the female book market. 

Angela Merkel explicitly invited a new wave of violent and aggressive Jihadist males into Germany only a year ago. Merkel’s video on YouTube ends in a sexual head-flip that is openly seductive. This is more than just shocking; it is revealing of a side of European surrender to Jihad that is never openly discussed. 

Dominance-submission is a common part of “sexual escalation,” where people practice more and more extreme acts to achieve the same “kick.” Dominant-submissive gear is now easily available on Amazon. Male homosexuals may be attracted to the submissive role, and lesbian couples often develop a strong bond between dominant and submissive women. 

These are not rare phenomena, and in sexually promiscuous cultures they are well-known when promiscuous people become bored and look for a more excitement. Sadomasochistic practices can result from long-term sexual addiction. 

One can have liberal values about sexuality, but not when it poses a clear and present danger to national security. There is a great deal of photographic and other evidence that Presidents Obama and Clinton engaged in deviant sexual practices that could easily be used for political blackmail in the United States. Large number of Federal bureaucrats have been exposed for insecure web surfing to find child and other pornography. Former CIA Director Anthony Deutch was one famous case. 

It is easy enough for hostile intelligence services to track insecure web searches by Federal employees to pinpoint individuals who are vulnerable to national security blackmail. 

Because the full range of sexual practices are now widely viewed as a basic human right in the West, Western culture is extremely vulnerable to aggressive exploitation by Jihad, and by serious powers like Russia and China. After the immense success of the KGB infiltration in the UK using the homosexual ring of Cambridge Spies, this is now a routine piece of spycraft that every intelligence agency in the world must teach its members. 

The recent exposure of the Pakistani Awan brothers, who worked as IT professionals for the House Intelligence Committee, may only be the tip of a very large iceberg. America and Europe are unbelievably vulnerable to Jihadist infiltration, influence agents, and espionage. The Awan brothers are now back in Pakistan, being celebrated as national heroes. 

We are the most unserious nation in the world, outside of Europe. Our Hollywood and political elites are deeply immersed in deviant and often illegal sexual practices. These are not minor habits. They can kill us. 

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