Note to Democrats: Losing Is Not Winning

Democrats keep losing.  The twin defeats in Georgia's special House election (which Democrats expected to win) and South Carolina's special House election (which Republicans expected to win but almost lost) must be added to Democrat defeats in Montana and Kansas House special elections earlier this year.

While Republicans may have little to offer frustrated and distrustful Americans, Democrats have nothing to offer at all.  Their leadership, if one may call it that, is stocked with rich white plutocrats who gained their ill gotten wealth in the "public service" of politics and its seedy graft. 

So voters in traditionally Republican areas like those four House districts may be upset with Republicans, but they also understand that the defeat of a Republican House candidate in a traditionally Republican area would be seen nationally as a rebuke to President Trump.  So they turn out to vote, and they vote for the party Trump has chosen as his own.

The curiosity is that Democrats, who lust for power like no one else in American life, are quite literally incapable of offering anything but noxious feminism, stale racial whining, worn out socialism presented by multimillionaires like Hillary, job-destroying radical environmentalism, pathetic complaints about "religious extremism" that invariably mean peaceful and loving Christians and never vicious Muslims, and other failed and hateful policies.

These Democrats agree with Hillary that one quarter of the nation – the one quarter, of course, who do most of the real work – are "deplorable" and agree with Pelosi that desperate folks on unemployment can "write books" and such. 

Things for Democrats are about to get worse – much worse.  Bernie Sanders, the dolt who seems to hate Christianity that defeats Israel more than Islam that calls for Christianity's death, and his weird acolytes, when they are not trying to murder Republican House leaders, are taking over state Democratic Party organizations one by one.

What this means is that by 2020 and perhaps by 2018, many state Democrat organizations will be run by folks who think the demise of the Soviet Union was a tragedy and that what our country really needs is more atheism and more socialism and more statism. 

Ask Democrats who remember 1972 what that means in national elections.  The nuttiest radicals imaginable took over the Democratic Party that year.  These uncontrollable freaks delayed McGovern's impassioned "Come Home, America" acceptance speech until the wee hours because they insisted on placing Mickey Mouse's name in nomination and generally behaving like inmates in an insane asylum.

Americans noticed.  The AFL-CIO, for the first time in memory, declined to support the Democrat nominee.  Even a president as unpopular as Richard Nixon was able to win 49 states.  Had he focused more on electing Republican senators that year than padding his presidential majority, Democrats would have lost control of the Senate, and had he channeled more campaign funds to House candidates, Republicans might even have captured the House as well.  Nixonian hubris saved the Democrats' skin.

President Trump in 2020 will doubtless not make the mistakes Nixon made in 1972 if Democrats present him with the opportunity.  If he leads Republicans to supermajorities, then his influence on Republicans in Congress, many of whose members would owe their seats to him, will grow.

The Democratic Party, a junkie to its own surreal ideological fantasies, seems utterly unable to change or evolve into a political party that might actually do the republic some good – like defending coal miners from environmental extremism or demanding that we defend women oppressed by Islam or granting school choice for inner-city kids and parents. 

This sort of sensible and patriotic intention would have the added benefit of forcing Republicans to actually be responsible politicians instead of the recipients of the benefits of Democrat stupidity and madness. 

The reality is that Democrats now seem incapable of winning and have begun seeing losing, as Hillary lost in the 2016 presidential election and Ossoff's loss on Tuesday, as "victory" or, worse, as victory stolen.  Losing is not winning, however much Democrats fantasize otherwise.  The political party that has chosen to consign itself to two narrow coastal regions and a few dysfunctional big cities is more and more simply the Party of Losers.

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