Liberals Don't Need to Win Elections to Get What They Want

The Democrats’ unprecedented losing streak continues. As Rich Lowry noted a couple of days after Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama’s chief legacy is the total collapse of the modern Democratic Party. In the handful of special elections this year -- including in Georgia and South Carolina on Tuesday -- nothing has happened to change that. As a refresher on just how decimated is the modern Democratic Party, in addition to the U.S. Presidency, along with the U.S. House and Senate, Republicans hold the state offices in: 33 of 50 governorships 30 of 45 (with Alabama’s currently vacant) lieutenant governorships 31 of 47 secretaries of state Additionally, the GOP controls 67 of 98 partisan state legislatures. What’s more, Republicans now control every branch of government in 25 states (a state government “trifecta”), and have veto-proof majorities in two states with Democratic governors. Democrats have a...(Read Full Article)