Islamofascists and Marxists versus Trump...and Each Other

It was Admiral James Lyons who warned us about jihadist infiltration into the U.S. government and media.  Every American with a non-P.C. brain should reread his words. 

Jihad infiltration is not a new thing.  The Soviet KGB infiltrated the United States in the 1940s and '50s, using the smiling propaganda image of Uncle Joe Stalin during the brief U.S.-Soviet alliance against Hitler.  Once that war was won, at the cost of immense bloodshed and treasure, Stalin turned against us and had the CPUSA steal the Manhattan Project plants.  The Democrats, who had committed treason in time of war (the standard for treason in the U.S. Constitution, Article 3), put up such a loud scream-fest that most Republicans and ordinary Americans were intimidated.  In the 1960s, the radical left conducted a classical March through the Institutions, inspired by Italian Communist Arturo Gramsci, covered up with love and peace propaganda.  Americans fell for the sucker play, and we allowed the totalitarian left to rewrite the history of the 1940s and '50s.  Today, you can't find a single self-confessed Stalinist anymore, just as you can't find any self-confessed Nazis in Germany.  History has been erased.

Just as Stalin made an alliance with Hitler before the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, the radical left has made common cause with jihad.  If anything is obvious beyond a reasonable doubt, it's that jihad long ago infiltrated the British Labor Party, which ran Islamophile Sadiq Khan as mayor of London, a man who is now smearing Donald Trump with all the others.  Just as Nixon was the lynch mob target for the CIA's Ben Bradlee and the FBI's Mark Felt in the 1970s because he had outed the CPUSA's Helen Gahagan Douglas and other Stalin agents, today Donald Trump is screamed at by an organized chorus of jihadophiles of the left.  They are not difficult to spot, being exactly the same people who rationalize and minimize any fresh massacre of innocents anywhere in the world.  The left has always been incredibly cruel and murderous, as in Marx's infamous endorsement of "revolutionary terror" to create a global Worker's Paradise.  In the outcome, they murdered 100 million innocent people over the course of Soviet dominance, and the Kim dynasty is still doing it in North Korea.  There simply is no rational justification for the totalitarian left, and if you scratch a nice liberal, you're more than likely to find a totalitarian.  Evil is evil, even if it comes packaged in pink vagina hats.

Marxism has nothing in common with jihad except a common enemy.  When Khomeini took power in Iran, with the quiet help of Jimmy Carter and his spooky Gray Eminence Zbig Brzezinski, the first thing Khomeini did was to destroy the Communist Party of the Shah's Iran, the Mujahedeen Khalq.  They probably deserved each other, but the point is that jihad, when it comes to power, hates nobody more than Marxist atheists, who are their real competition for totalitarian cred.  In Syria, Assad is a mass murderer fighting jihadists like al-Qaeda, Hezb'allah and ISIS, and in the best imaginable scenario they would just knock each other off and leave the rest of us alone.  Unfortunately, such precise and cosmic justice is limited to cartoons. 

Our enemy is not just jihad.  It is the totalitarian left in alliance with jihad.  That alliance makes no ideological sense, since Islam is the last war theology in the world, while Marxism is a religion-hating war ideology.  The cult hysteria is the same, but the ideology is totally different.  Our foolish liberal atheists keep thinking Islam is on their side, but all the Saudi missionary imams in every mosque in the world have their knives ready for godless atheists.  It's just that atheists have such contempt for religion that they don't even get the creeps when another white van careens into pedestrians in Central London. 

Ask not for whom the bell tolls.  It tolls for thee. 

So Lenin's useful idiots are out in force again, screaming, screaming, screaming through every high-tech channel in the world.  Karl Marx wrote for newspapers.  Stalin and Hitler used radio.  The American left learned how to dominate Hollywood movies and TV.  And now Google and Facebook can barely hide their left-o-jihadist sympathies.

But evil is still evil, and you shall judge them by their actions, not their silly cartoons. 

Mr. Obama's most important words were the ones he kept not saying – words like jihad, murderous, Nazi-like terrorism against innocents, the vile rape of women and children both in the West and the Harb al Salaam (the lands of peace), and the constant hate propaganda in the mouths of imams and mullahs that kept that bloodshed on the boil.  If you haven't checked out Islamic hate propaganda, the website shows it every single day, fresh from the "news" sources in Arabic, Persian and Urdu (the dialect of Hindi spoken in Pakistan).

Bottom line: When the New York Times and its totalitarian ilk smear President Donald Trump again, the duly elected POTUS, they have a double purpose.  First, they are telling their tens of millions of brainwashed followers to hate one man, following Saul Alinsky's lynch mob advice to "fix the target"; and secondly, they are blocking the truth about their own lifelong adherence to murderous ideologies, both the war theology of the desert and the atheistic kind peddled by the Red Prussian, Karl Marx.  They now control what you read and see 24 hours every day, and if they choose to simply scream à la Howard Dean, half the nation is listening.  It is the ultimate in irrationality, the last resort of an infant navigating the Terrible Twos.

There must be some Silicon Valley entrepreneur who can sell an app to protect you from propaganda. We know that Google was in deep cahoots with Obama, as shown in a thousand ways, but initially by their Vice President for North African Sales, who stirred up the infamous "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Egypt, and later Libya, overthrowing stable but tough regimes in favor of Muslim Brotherhood tyrants like Mohammed Morsi. Chances are you may not remember that, because the newsies have raised such a howling headline campaign since that time that by now you must be totally distracted.

Our news sources are all poisoned due to "media concentration," a term that is used even by liberals. What it means in Marxist slogans is "First, conquer the organs of propaganda."  But Google and Facebook are following in the steps of the Daily Worker and Al Jazeera, which was just outed (by the Arab gulf nations, of all people) as a voice for the Iranians and Qatar.  Donald Trump can celebrate his first major foreign policy triumph: the successful turning of the Sunni Arab nations (with fifty national representatives of other Muslim nations at the reality show in Riyadh), so that the openly proclaimed enemy is now Shi'ite Iran and its  proxies.  This is identical to Richard Nixon's "opening to China," the strategic turning point in the Cold War, negotiated by Nixon and Henry Kissinger to separate China and the Soviet Union.  Needless to say, Nixon never gets any praise for that strategic breakthrough, since he still serves as an important hate object for the raving left, but when they die off, historians will resurrect the facts.

In his first 100 days, Donald Trump has largely ignored the madding crowds (except for strategic tweets to keep them off balance) and worked hard on the biggest strategic breakthrough in the Jihad War: the openly celebrated split between the Saudis, Egypt, and fifty other Muslim nations on one side and Iranian imperialism on the other.  Since Iran used the Syrian Civil War to expand its pincer strategy around Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf States, and Israel, Trump has now executed the strategic counter-move.  It certainly helps to have James Mattis and other deeply informed military leaders on his team. 

So you can ignore the howling infants of the left, as long as you keep in mind the way they constantly support jihadist terror and infiltration.  Eventually, sensible Americans – maybe half of our voters – will have to think straight about the new Hitler-Stalin pact, because we have two enemies in close alliance with each other.  One is atheist, and the other is the last war theology on Earth.  But they have the same enemy to hate, and that would be us. 

From the JournoList scandal of a few years back we have direct evidence that the mediots of this world work in close cahoots with each other.  Wikipedia even has an article on the JournoList scandal, which saw the U.K. Guardian collude with the usual suspects in America to coordinate headlines.  If you've missed it, please get informed, to protect yourself and your loved ones, not to mention your country, which is the "last, best hope of mankind," as Lincoln said when we were threatened by national disaster that other time. 

It was Baron Otto von Bismarck, in his ponderous Teutonic way, who joked that "God protects widows, drunkards, and the United States."  I'm almost beginning to believe it. 

Look at this run of unbelievable luck we've been blessed with. 

1. The Founders, who learned their political philosophy from people like John Locke, but also from Plato and the Romans, who generally failed to establish a stable and democratic state, but at least they drew important lessons from their failures. 

2. George Washington, not just a victorious general in a war against the biggest power of the time, the British Empire, but also the first president to leave power after two terms.  At that time, it was virtually unknown for national leaders to go home to the farm.  Washington was celebrated at least as much for his humility and self-discipline in leaving the presidency after two terms as he was for his military skill and personal wisdom. 

3. The drafters of the U.S. Constitution: People we take for granted every day, but the Constitution is the only (repeat that to yourself, please) electoral constitution that has lasted for more than half a century.  The current constitution of France was put into place by Charles de Gaulle half a century ago, carefully designed to mix a Napoleonic executive with a changing prime minister.  The U.S. Constitution has been the law of the land for 230 years.  (The so-called British Constitution is an unwritten set of laws that is infinitely malleable.  Now that Britain has allowed itself to be invaded by millions of people from the tribal backwaters of the world, the unwritten "constitution" is changing fast, and its general tolerant and fair-minded character is up for grabs.) 

4. In the unlikely event that any liberals are reading this, take a deep breath. 

I think Donald Trump has come along just in time to save the country from the horrors of mendacious media, leftist organs of propaganda, and a reign of terror on our university campuses.  When The Donald will succeed is up to you and me, not just POTUS.  We can see Trump-haters screeching every single day, where the left rules (as in Europe and half the United States).  But give him time to appoint enough judges, give the left enough time to get bored and tired, and keep fighting for what's right. 

We have elected a tough and righteous leader.  As Bismarck said, this looks like a piece of pure dumb luck.  If it's Divine Providence, I'm just as happy with it. 

We are fighting totalitarians, not the Democratic Party of Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson.  They call themselves liberals, but they keep acting like totalitarians.  Today, they are fully intent on staging a coup d'état, and damn the Constitution.  Just listen to their words and watch their actions.  These people are dangerous beyond belief. 

We are again looking at the fate of the last, best hope of mankind.  Maybe that's what America must be, in a world of failed political systems.  The much hyped European Union, which is a Franco-German ruling class as bad as all the others, is slowly falling apart.  It is possible (but not certain) that British parliamentary democracy will survive this crisis.  We can only hope. 

But America and the democratic Anglosphere must and can survive.  The struggle over internet freedom is one obvious battleground.  The struggle to modernize the Muslim world is another – and yes, there is such a thing as Muslim tolerance and modernity, as shown by fifty years of Turkish history after World War I.  This is not a world without hope. 

The enemy is using Nazi murder tactics, which is what ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the mullahs are all about.  If Trump succeeds in focusing Sunni Muslims on the very real danger of Iranian nukes and missiles, we may see another period of modernization in the Muslim world.  It has happened before.

But constitutional conservatives have to keep up our part of the battle.  The leftojihadis have made it very clear that the last election is not over.  They will try by hook and by crook to overturn the verdict of the election.

Don't even let them think it.