Is This Treason in Time of War?

Imagine a movie scenario. The nation is at war for its very survival, following an unprovoked assault on the Twin Towers in Manhattan and on the Pentagon, killing more than 3,000 innocent people. But the nation has been infiltrated, sabotaged, and subverted by the enemy, in close alliance with the radical left, which controls what Karl Marx called the Organs of Propaganda: The schools and media. Two of our worst enemies, North Korea and Iran, are working in close cooperation to develop nuclear weapons and ICBMs, which could destroy our cities with only 15 minutes warning time.

We are therefore at war, quite possibly a war that will end in national catastrophe for us and the civilized world. 

This is an important point, because the U.S. Constitution defines "treason" as "aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States in time of war." 

The President of the United States has been elected in a close election, and promises to clean out the swamp in Washington DC. He is therefore attacked by the swampocrats, who have long controlled the media, the bureaucracy, the judiciary and the legislature. (See: Ben Bradlee and Watergate; See the New York Times and the Pentagon Papers.) 

But the losing party whips up open rebellion around the country against the winning party, and manages to stoke enough suspicions about the President of the United States using its control of the media to compel the appointment of an independent prosecutor. But the track record of independent prosecutors is entirely corrupt. The Watergate "independent" prosecutor confessed to colluding with the Nixon-hating media of that time. The anti-George W. Bush "independent" prosecutor jailed an entirely innocent man for a "process crime," Scooter Libby. The currently appointed "independent" prosecutor is a personal friend of the Machiavellian former head of the FBI, who tried to trap the President by leaking a completely fictional rumor of Russian collusion in the last election, for which not a shred of evidence has been produced, based on a completely fraudulent "dossier" made up by a former agent of British intelligence. The fired FBI head has admitted on national television to sending a fraudulent document to be leaked to the New York Times in order to trigger an "independent" prosecutor appointment against the duly elected President of the United States. 

Meanwhile the United States is at war, a war started and prosecuted by two major Muslim oil powers, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Admiral James Lyons, a highly respected retired flag officer, has described the infiltration, sabotage, and mass migration of ideologically indoctrinated enemies, beginning as early as the 1970s. The House Intelligence Committee has just fired three Pakistani IT specialists, three brothers with the last name Awan, who had extensive access to the confidential emails and documents of the committee’s computer system. The fired IT contractors were not arrested, but are now in a jihadist country, Pakistan, being celebrated as public heroes. Pakistanis obviously believe the three brothers were an espionage ring at the very center of the House of Representatives, where highly secret documents are routinely shared. The fired brothers have been publicly defended by the former head of the Democratic Party National Committee, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, and the former Democratic Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. Not one member of the House Intelligence Committee has admitted to knowing anything about the three fired Awan brothers. They are playing dumb, and our media are doing nothing.

The American media have not acted like free news sources for many years. They run the identical storyline from day to day, and scapegoat and destroy the reputations of any dissidents to the Democratic Party line. Several years ago a collusion ring among big news media was uncovered in the so-called JournoList scandal, showing day-by-day collusion among declared propaganda media, all enemies of the United States. 

DC swampocrats have joined in the attack on POTUS, to the cheers of the establishment media, which are owned and controlled by half a dozen transnational corporations that owe no allegiance to the United States at all. Rather, declared enemies of the United States routinely buy into our media corporations. Hollywood and the mass entertainment industry has long ago been infiltrated by cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School, which is ruthlessly exposing children and innocent college students to a unified diet of toxic anti-American and anti-normality propaganda. Marriage between a man and a woman, considered to be the pillar of society for more than 2,500 years, is undermined and ridiculed.  Tenured college saboteurs of every stripe control the college campuses, where normal, healthy behavior is routinely scapegoated and every variety of human perversion is advocated as better than normality. We live in a mostly free country where only the schools and colleges openly prohibit free speech. Ideological mobs control who is allowed to speak on campus. 

The ideology of "leftist globalism" is glorified, although it's only the old Communist internationalism of the last century. If you're a leftist globalist, by definition you approve of sabotage and treachery against your country. As citizens, our welfare is still protected by the democratic nation-state, which is everywhere under assault by the globalist fantasy, which murdered more than 100 million people in the last century alone. 

Truthful history teaching is twisted and turned upside-down on behalf of a mass-murdering ideology. 

So -- my bottom line question is this. By the constitutional definition of "treason in time of war" quoted above, are we witnessing a treasonous conspiracy against our duly elected President of the United States today? 

I think Lincoln would have said Yes. So would other presidents in history. The U.S. Congress has not, technically at least, officially declared war since Pearl Harbor, meaning that we had to fight in Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War without Congress doing its Constitutional duty. But if the U.S. Constitution is not to be a suicide pact, Congress is simply failing to carry out its obligation to tell the truth about a state of war. The reality of Jihad War has been obvious since 9/11/01. The fact that Obama refused to let the word "jihad" pass his lips means nothing, in the face of the constant attacks we and our pathetic allies in Europe are experiencing. 

After World War II, Clement Attlee's government in Britain hanged William Joyce, "Lord Haw-Haw," the British citizen who broadcast propaganda for the Nazis. They had no doubt about the meaning of "treason in time of war." Our Constitution and other laws are derived from British precedents.  Our Founders were intimately familiar with the authoritative "Blackstone on English Law". The British precedents are therefore relevant.  

Civilized nations do not relish bloodshed. Like Abraham Lincoln, we try to act "with malice towards none, with charity towards all." But when push came to shove, even Lincoln acquiesced to William T. Sherman's march through Georgia. We do not love violence, but sometimes the real world compels us toward moral clarity.

Is this one of those times?