Enough is Enough: London Bridge and the Fight against Terrorism

The iconic London Bridge is not falling and must not fall down, my fair lady. The attack on innocent people in the area on June 4, 2017 makes it a symbol of the need for the struggle of civilization against Islamic barbarism to continue. That struggle requires changes in the policies of Western democracies. The soft power of humanity so far is not sufficient to eliminate Islamist dominated terrorism, to prevent, detect, and destroy it. Britain is fully aware of the urgent need for change. It has suffered an attack by vehicle and knives in London on March 2017 when five were killed, the attack in Manchester at a concert on May 22 when 22 were killed, and now the latest manifestation of evil on June 3, 2017 when three terrorists used a van to mow down pedestrians on London Bridge and then stabbed people at random in bars and pubs in nearby Borough Market, which is always busy on a Saturday night. The three murdered seven and injured 48 before being...(Read Full Article)