Brazil Is Undergoing a Quiet Revolution, Changing Its Politics and Culture in a Conservative Direction

Brazil is a functioning democracy, albeit not functioning that well. Brazil's economy is still a horrific mess; and that is all we hear. But what mainstream media often ignores is a massive sea change in Brazil – and in Latin America - which will spill over into world politics. That change is an emerging conservaive evangelical Christian constituency. When most of us grew up, Brazil was a typical South American country with a massive Roman Catholic culture. No longer. Brazil is now one-quarter evangelical, and their numbers are growing by leaps and bounds – which is one reason I do not fear a demographic increase of Islam in South America. Muslim radicalism will be sporadic – and anti-Zionism is problematic in Chile -- but ultimately they cannot compete against millions of converts to evangelical Christianity. Brazil's culture and politics are radically changing. Rio de Janiero is famous for its yearly Carnaval, but a lot of the Carnaval schools...(Read Full Article)