When the Cat's Away, the Rats Will Play

Out of sight, out of mind.  When it's President Trump who's far out of sight, the Democrats go even farther out of their minds.

Biased media have all but buried the coverage of Trump's historic visit to Riyadh, Israel, the Vatican, and Brussels.  The possibility of Arab cooperation, so long jawed about by the Obama administration, is barely acknowledged now that Trump has seized the opportunity to promote it in person.

Finding a strategy for defeating ISIS appears not to be a major concern of the Trump-haters, whose presumed enemy of civilization is what they consider a home-grown terrorist illegitimately hunkering down in the White House.  Trump's removal from office is at the apex of their aggressive agenda of resistance.  And if his overseas visits go badly, the wished for end of the 45th presidency is all the more likely.

To suit their purposes, the liberal media have shortchanged Trump's historic agenda in the Middle East and beyond.  Commentary relating to the trip invariably includes remarks to the effect that Arab leaders cannot be trusted, nothing will come of the effort and expense, and Trump is simply cozying up to the bigwigs of Wahhabism, in whose countries human rights are routinely violated.  On the snider side, there have been comments to the effect that First Lady Michelle Obama bested her successor by being the first U.S. chief executive's wife to appear in that region of the world with her head uncovered.

Fixated progressives, who promote inclusiveness – except when they don't – can't seem to grasp the practical fact that alliances are forged not from cultural niceties, but from critical necessities.  We welcomed Russia as an ally in the Second World War, even though Stalin ruled his country with ruthless force, reportedly having been responsible in the long haul for more deaths than Adolf Hitler.  Churchill and Roosevelt knew of Stalin's treachery.  Yet the civilized world desperately needed his help in our overwhelming struggle against a powerful Nazi regime.

If Allied leaders refrained from being judgmental of Russia's lapses in human rights, it was likely because they considered it neither the time nor the place.  The same might be said today about any move to chastise the Saudis and others over what we perceive as human rights lapses – or even to go farther by making "reform" a condition of our an alliance to fight Islamic extremism.  When your house is burning, you do not chide the fireman for his sins.

In WWII, the Soviet military demonstrated extraordinary courage and skill.  The Russian people remained remarkably stoic throughout a series of brutal sieges and attacks by the German Army.  More Soviet citizens were killed in that costly war than peoples from any other country.  After the war, the West faced problems with the Soviet regime, but without Russia, it is unclear whether the Allied Forces would have been victorious.

In today's political environment, the American left fancies itself the world's moral compass that swings to point a punishing finger of disapproval at those whom it judges to be falling below the left's own high standards.  Yet Obama fostered foreign friendships in a selective manner predicated less on demonstrable human values than on his own self-serving political criteria.  It was de rigueur to embrace Mexico, for example, even though its corrupt government has over scores of years marginalized its people – a steadfast policy that still encourages mass migrations of illegal immigrants into our country.

Obama considered it "in our best interest" to agree to a treaty with Iran, even though that country is one of the world's most egregious enablers of terrorism and a violator of human rights.  But let Trump be on the brink of reaching consensus with Arab states in our fight against the worldwide scourge of terror, and Democrats accuse him of consorting with the wrong kind.  Trump has even been judged to have bowed more obsequiously to Arab royalty than Obama did and of looking downright foolish doing a sword dance.  When the president stood at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, he was accused by his critics of putting on a phony 12-second "act" of worship.  In anything pertaining to Trump, his haters do not give an inch.  And as for our country's succeeding under his administration – frankly, my dear, they don't give a damn.

The immediate intent of the constant Trump put-downs is to enhance the likelihood of Trump's so-called "collusion" with the Russians.  The battle against the left's sworn nemesis has the loyal assistance of a complicit media.  Scorekeepers attest to the fact that more time on CNN and MSNBC was spent this week on speculative Trump-Russia ties than on either Trump's trip or the Manchester, England concert bombing.  What better time for rat skullduggery than when the chief tabby is somewhere else?

The real shame is that more Americans were not exposed to Trump's inspiring rhetoric and to his impressive destinations.  What viewers may have missed was not just the majestic pomp and pageantry of these venues, but the heartwarming hospitality and refreshing sense of shared camaraderie and respect.  There was joy – not nasty placards – floating in the air.

The glittering council hall in Riyadh was filled with Arab leaders from across the region eager to see and hear the new American president.  It was a seminal, historic moment reminiscent of others recollected from previous administrations: Nixon's surprise trip that opened China to the world; JFK's stirring "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech to the beleaguered people of that divided city; and later, Ronald Reagan's exhortation for Mr. Gorbachev to "tear down this wall."

These larger-than-life events stand in contrast to the petulantly narrow hope of Democrat spoilers to characterize Trump as a fool and a puppet of Putin.  While they deliver little more than speculation, leaks, and rumors, the president is making groundbreaking progress with the work of the world.

It's been said that a combatant can die only once in war, but many times in politics.  It's uncertain whether Trump has the nine lives of a cat.  But it is clear that the ratfinks who would destroy him have their evil work cut out for them.