Trump Is POTUS, and Leftist Hysteria Is Noise

It's helpful to watch the SecDef press conference on YouTube, if you want to see how Trump's troops are taking charge.  Obama's limp-wristed and arguably pro-jihad policies, which had some of our military in despair about the crimes against children they were forced to witness in places like Syria, are being replaced by solid, competent, humane but forceful military actions.  It's on YouTube; watch it, and you'll see standard American competence in charge. 

We are seeing a great victory in the making, and our frightened allies around the world know it, too.  They are joining against ISIS and the other monsters because they can tell competence in action from Obama's lollygagging incompetence. 

Watch it to get a sense of how this administration gets business done. 

While the media are doing their famous Daffy Duck act, bungee jumping on their heads to catch all the attention, they are only spreading their own hysteria to our profoundly confused fellow citizens who believed a pack of lies.  The Media-Democrat Axis of Evil is out of touch with reality, mostly because its operators have been indoctrinated in lies and can never tell the difference.  They are insane, something that can happen to otherwise normal people when they are captured by malignant cults. 

Trump is POTUS, and you can't get more powerful than that.  Period. 

George Washington was challenged by the Whiskey Rebellion, because new power is always challenged, but he just dealt with them. 

Every generation of college students falls in love with the drama of "Revolution," but in the end, those are the same kids who become disciplined, patriotic warriors when they get into the U.S. Marine Corps. 

Sure, the media headlines are deafening, and you don't want to immerse yourself in enemy propaganda.  Don't doubt for a moment that the Demo-media are the enemy.  They've shown it a thousand times over the decades, during the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, after 9/11, after Pearl Harbor – how much evidence do you need?  They are the enemy. Period. 

For your own peace of mind, just turn them off.

There is no truth in the news, as Soviet citizens used to say.  We even know how they coordinate headlines around the world through internet oligopolies like JournoList. 

Real human beings never see exactly the same reality, but our toxic media create a "narrative" (that's their word) that seems real because you hear it over and over again from supposedly different sources.  This is a Stalin Popular Front tactic, and it fits the Goebbels slogan that a Big Lie told over and over again becomes the truth – except that we know damned well that a Big Lie told over and over again is still a Big Lie. 

The Mad Media are not a real threat, barring a series of constitutional violations that even the Warren Court wasn't able to achieve.  Our military don't intervene in civilian politics, certainly not under ex-U.S. Marine commandant Jim Mattis. 

Our Justice Department under Sessions is regaining its normal balance, after a period of profound corruption under Obama.  That corruption must be prosecuted under the law. 

The Democrats have rediscovered their inner Stalinist (it wasn't hard), but even under fellow traveler Obama, they were not able to permanently subvert the U.S. Constitution. 

As for the Constitution itself, there is a very good reason why it has remained the law of the land for 230 years, through storms much worse than this.  Our Ship of State is built to withstand storms and internal conflicts, and to right itself after every giant wave. 

The huckster media are noise-makers, and they've given up on even the appearance of sanity and reason.  They are obsessive liars, every single one of them, and they don't deserve your attention, any more than the downtown drunk with the "Repent sinners!" sign deserves your attention.  We don't even have to rebut their daily lies, because if there's one thing we can be sure of, it's that every single day, they will tell another lie. 

All we need to do is to ignore them.  Let the left go madder and madder.  Not us.  Don't let them bother you for a minute. 

The old lawyer's line is that when the law is on your side, you cite the law. When the law isn't on your side, you pound the table.  What we are hearing is about six big corporate media conglomerates pounding the table and biting the carpet. 

It's infantile.  Adult tantrums are not worth your time.

For your own peace of mind, simply turn them off.  They have a constitutional right to pound the table.  They have no right to be heard, to invade your mind. 

We are witnessing the death throes of the liberal media, and they are making a lot of noise because they know it, too.  Don't try to save their wretched hides, because they aren't worth saving.  We all know they are facing bankruptcy, firing, and being bought up by the likes of George Soros, who is a sort of Stalinist-fascist egomaniac troublemaker, who now owns the Democratic Party.  The Hungarians know what he is, and they are going after him, because they are sick of his subversive shenanigans against them.  I hope we extradite him when their criminal case shows up at DOJ. 

There must be a limit to the amount of damage one rich billionaire can do to decent governments around the world. 

Bottom line: Trump is POTUS, which means he is protected by the greatest and most stable legal system in the world.  Allegations are just allegations, and liars will lie as often as they can get your attention.  When they are exposed, the big conglomerates who own them won't pay them anymore. 

The job of activist conservatives is to destroy the lies, one after the other, until the liars are fired from their jobs.  Conservatives don't like to boycott media sponsors and owners, but that is a perfectly legal and highly ethical move to make.  I try never to buy anything from companies that support evil.  Simple.

If you think Planned Parenthood (itself another lie) does evil, which seems obvious by now, never, never, never support it.  Tell its suckers they are being lied to.  Say it over and over again, until they understand how badly they have been suckered to support evil.  Band together with other activist conservatives in support groups.  Organize, organize, organize – just make sure you target evil and support decency. 

All we need is to tell the truth, and the truth will make us free.