The GOP Choice: Greatness, or Else Self-Destruction

The stupid party did not get its nickname because of its smashing successes.  And right now, it’s stupider than ever.  It’s a party steeped in Stockholm Syndrome, a party performing a version of assisted suicide.  Live.  Not only on Facebook, but on every major media outlet.

The GOP has been handed a golden opportunity to reshape our nation.  Its base has risen up to give them majorities in both houses, along with a president who has an extraordinary agenda.   They could transform America to being great again, simultaneously transforming the GOP from being known as the stupid party, to the party that made America shine.  That tide to greatness is here, it can still be taken, but the boat will not sail if they choose timidity and fecklessness.

What is stopping them from taking this tide?  Distraction, ego (#nevertrumpism), and timidity.  'Tis a foul brew of self-delusion.


Some birds, when confronted by an intruder, will hop away from their nests feigning to have a hurt wing, enticing the intruder to follow them away from the nest.  Once you know what’s happening, you can laugh as they perform the broken wing trick.

Can the GOP stop falling for the Democrats' version of a bird faking injury?  Republicans have spent tremendous time and resources on the inane hunt for Russia “hacking the election” and proving the Trump administration as Putin puppets. It’s simply shameful.  What a waste of political capital.   The Republicans have never been good at “investigations.”  The Democrats managed to make their genuinely moronic narrative stick with their insane base, while Republicans looked like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  The media will never report fairly, they will never like Republicans, they will never stop calling them racists, cold hearted, homophobic xenophobes.  So why not simply go on with the business the GOP was elected for?

Unless they can start scoring some real points against this flim-flam (unlikely), they should ridicule this snipe hunt.  The left doesn’t want debate, it wants diversion.  It doessn’t want the truth, it wants a political scorched earth at any cost.  Republicans:  Don’t go there.  Your rejoinder: “Produce evidence, or shut up” or “You’re making delusional fools of yourselves,” or any number of other lines.  Laugh at their preposterousness.  Laugh at them, because they deserve it.   Ridicule them, then move on to the legislative agenda promised. It’s the right thing. Ignore the shrieking birds, they’re just a distraction.


GOP:  Can you all get over being humiliated by a non-politician?  Can your bruised feelings be let go? Sure, Trump did some dirty tricks.  But you did more.  Yes, he exposed your laziness, low energy, and poor thinking.  But in this, he did you a favor. Your voting base already saw most of what he pointed out, and frankly, if not for his campaign, many of you would have lost your seats.  So regroup.  Man or woman up, and do what some of you pledged for many election cycles.  Enact the agenda you promised, stop the silly, petulant, bruised ego thing.  It makes you look foolish.  Take a page from Scott Walker.  He let it go, he’s behind the agenda, he knows the stakes.  And he’s become stronger for it.

And those #neverrumpers egos?  How wrong and stupid they look now.  #nevertrumpers look more vapid and silly than cartoon caricatures.  They were all wrong.  If we had listened to them we would have another Sonia Sotomayor tilting the Supreme Court forever leftward.  We’d have a government under Hillary Clinton pushing us towards the corruption and climate of Venezuela.  A few #nevertrumpers have come to their senses and should be welcomed back, but most are still carping like the left.  Don’t listen.  They proved their worthlessness, and their stupidity.  Tune them out.  Turn them out.   Get back to the agenda you were sent to Washington to enact.


That terrible virus injected into the GOP (*cough*, Bush family, *cough*) will insure their own defeat.  Does no one remember 2006?  When the GOP lost their majority in a wave election?  When the GOP voters let them die because of the GOP’s feckless timidity and collusion with the Democrats?  Well, look it up.  That 2006 group did it to themselves, and it’s a lesson the GOP should relearn quickly.    

When you have majorities in both houses and a president, you are expected to deliver on what you promised voters.  Far and away, Trump’s agenda is what the GOP Congress-critters promised to do if elected.  It’s the agenda their voters want.  These promises have been the same since 2010.  If the GOP wants to avoid the debacle of 2006, it had better change course, and work feverishly to get this agenda passed.  If it doesn’t, it will be crushed in another wave election of its own making.

The first and most noble reason to keep their promises is that the agenda is great.  One that will transform America away from the bitter, nasty, awful results of the Obama years.  Those policy failures are something that has America as we know it in the crosshairs.  Obama’s agenda will bring more pain, ugliness, and failure, a trajectory perhaps as tragic as Venezuela.  The media not reporting these failures does not make them any less awful.  Change to economic strength, the strength to win against radical Islam, the strength of protecting America from illegal immigration, unleashing energy independence; changing the whole Obama agenda is a wonderful transformation.  For that alone, the GOP congress needs to do what was promised.

Intimidation from the left and their media enforcers has to be ignored.  No matter what, they will hate Republicans, no matter what they want to defeat the center-right.  They are an arm of the democrat party and need to stop being listened to.  Likewise, the violent intimidation of the leftist brown shirts.  Many of them are paid, while the others hate Republicans; voting against them even if Republicans break their promise and don’t follow through on the agenda that elected them.  All of them will still call the GOP those bad names ad nauseum.   Ignore the noise, it’s just putting Republicans in jeopardy of being abandoned by their voters for non-action.

The second good reason for the GOP Congress to get moving is simple.  Your majority will evaporate if promises are not kept.  Weaseling will not work.  Let the democrats be the weasels, that’s their MO.  The center-right base will abandon you in 2018 if the agenda is not passed.  Don’t act like slime merchants, or halfheartedly.  “Oh dang, we just couldn’t do it.”  won't cut it.  If GOP members value their jobs, stop the timidity, stop listening to #neverrumpers and those moronic advisors who say to play it safe.

The Senate has an election that puts more Democrat seats in play than have been in decades.  That’s a lifetime opportunity.  It’s an election that could give the GOP a sixty-vote majority for the first time in memory.  Yes, there are a few (R’s) that cause problems.  Too bad the states of Arizona and South Carolina, along with some others, did not get rid of those problems.  But I digress.  If the Senate would pass the big agenda, if it unified and stopped the nonsense, the ego issues and timidity, they would steamroll to a 60-vote majority.

Suggestion.  GOP:  Stop.  Regroup.  Unify.   Pass the big agenda.  ASAP.  If you do, you will have done a wonderful thing.  If you don’t, you will not only be responsible for the further ruin and division of America, you will also lose.   A perfect twofer as the stupid party.

GOP:  Do what your voters expect.  Do what is right.  Pass the agenda.  Now.  Otherwise, you’re in the dustbin of history.           

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