Isn't it time the media told the truth about Bush Tax cuts?

I feel like I am beating a dead horse on tax cuts, but facts are extremely important if we want to get the economy growing.  I get extremely aggravated when I read material like the following paragraph by Paul Waldmen in the Washington Post, because it is so demonstrably false. Of course the notion that tax cuts don’t pay for themselves is repeated so often that either the media has no idea that it is false or they don’t care. My guess is they don’t care because they have had almost 14 years to research the Bush tax cuts and instead of the Democrats and the media telling the truth, they just repeat bald faced lies. “Sixteen years ago, President George W. Bush made exactly the same arguments you’re making, in defense of a similar tax cut. The results were abysmal: a huge deficit; poor growth in GDP, jobs and incomes; and eventually a financial cataclysm. What did Bush do wrong?” Something you rarely see in the diatribes about how...(Read Full Article)
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