Iran’s Election, a Political Earthquake with Seismic Waves for the Region.

Officials in the Iranian regime have, from time to time, defined their regime as, "if the whole Iranian populace have one position and the Supreme Leader has another, it is the word of the Supreme Leader that will be taken as the fact, and not that of the people.” This attitude describes a dictatorial system of rule, a relic of the Dark Ages that rule Iran today. In the ayatollahs’ dictionary, people are defined as without rights or voice.      So it is preposterous that, next month, this regime is about to hold presidential “elections.” Holding elections in any country, normally, signifies the rulers’ determination to go by the people’s vote. In today's Iran, it does not go this way. The religious dictatorship uses a sham election rather escape the inevitable consequences of the people’s vote. The regime of ayatollahs is the most detested government in Iran’s...(Read Full Article)