Imaginary Conflicts of Interest for Trump versus Actual Conflicts of Interest for Dems

After the Trump Administration released its outline for tax reform I saw a lot of consternation that the tax plan may help Trump himself, and that could be a conflict of interest.  But if it is a conflict for Trump to reduce taxes and regulations because it may help him or his business, then it would be a conflict for all politicians and bureaucrats to ever propose reducing taxes or regulations, because that might help them or their family and friends. Therefore, the only thing politicians could ever do to prevent conflicts would be to increase taxes and regulations. Maybe that is what the media and Democrats want.

I have also seen efforts to calculate how much Trump will save. I find that interesting because the media always complain that they need to see Trump’s taxes. I am a tax preparer and I have no idea whether the plan would save him money or cost him money -- but why should anyone care if it helps Trump, if it is good for the majority of the people and good for the economy? If Trump pays less than 35% in taxes and he loses many deductions and breaks, some of his income could certainly be thrown into the 35% bracket.  But who knows? 

Maybe we should hold all members of Congress to the new conflict of interest rules that seem to have evolved since Trump was elected. A farmer or someone with a family member who owns a farm could no longer vote on agriculture bills. Teachers could no longer vote on education bills and business people could never vote on anything that helps businesses.  

I know that the media will tell Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that they should no longer talk about or vote on any higher education bills because their community property been enriched by the largesse of the government on higher education. 

I personally believe that it is a much bigger conflict for politicians to keep a complicated tax code, increase regulations and to increase tax rates, because that is what increases their power, and power is the goal of most politicians. Think of how many politicians have enriched themselves because of their political position. The more power and money that is transferred from the private sector to the government, the more likely corruption becomes by politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists and others. 

It appears the media needs a lesson on what actual conflicts of interest are, because they seem very confused.  So here are several examples:

Many people in the mainstream media had direct family members who worked for Obama. Their biased reporting showed they knew where their bread was buttered.

Donations to the Clinton Foundation seemed to give greater access to Hillary at the State Department. There was a lot of pay to play.

The value of Bill’s speeches went up after Hillary became Secretary of State. These are obvious kickbacks. Hillary used her political position to enrich herself and her family.

The Clintons used money from the Haitian relief fund to enrich themselves as they pretend to care about the poor. 

Cash flowed to the Clinton Foundation from the Russian Uranium Deal. And the Obama Administration let the sale go through.

Huma Abedin got paid by State Department, Clinton Foundation and a consulting firm simultaneously. She must have been a really hard worker.

Cheryl Mills did hiring at the Clinton Foundation while working at State Department.

Obama got a special land deal from a fundraiser Tony Rezko to buy his Chicago mansion on the cheap. Tony did him a favor by buying part of the yard of the property and deducting that from the purchase price.  Then he left the Obamas’yard alone, at least until criticism forced the Obamas to put in a small fence to mark his portion of the property off from the rest of it.

Rezko was a crook who eventually went to jail. Obama told the media he regretted the Land Deal with his fundraiser. That is sort of like regretting that you robbed a bank, got an F on a paper or got a girl pregnant. He essentially took a kickback from a crook. 

After Barack Obama became an Illinois state legislator, his wife moved up as well, scoring a job as 'vice president of community relations' at the University of Chicago Hospital for a very generous salary of $121,910. When Obama became a senator in 2005, her 'salary' leapfrogged to $316,962 for the same job...and one of Senator Obama's first acts in office was to see to it that the hospital received over a million dollars of your tax dollars as an earmark. After Michelle moved to DC, the job was eliminated. How could that $1 Million earmark not be illegal and a pure conflict of interest?   Michelle's job sounds like it was a make work job created for her.?

Essentially Obama stole $1 Million from the Illinois taxpayers, sent it through a conduit, the hospital, and they in turn gave it back to him. After all he bought a $1.65 million house and an extra $106,000 lot from the crook next door and he and Michelle just didn’t have enough money to qualify for the loan and make the payments.

Why would anyone believe that Obama would follow laws when he got to DC when he never cared to follow them in Illinois? Is it any wonder that Illinois and the U.S are broke when a person who accepted $200,000 in graft each year was not only not punished but was promoted to U.S Senator and President. 

The media seemed to care very little about these obvious conflicts of interest and ways that politicians enriched themselves, because the media continually supported Obama and the Clintons. Yet they somehow are against Trump no matter what he does, so they go after him for a tax reform proposal that might help him along with a huge majority of the people. I have seen nothing in his first 100 days to suggest he is doing stuff to specifically help him or his family. Instead it appears he is intent on transferring the power back to the people from the government -- which is a great thing.

And as the media trashes Trump every day and pretends that Democrat talking points are news stories, along with intentionally skewed polls. Then they go to the White House Correspondents dinner by themselves and congratulate each other by saying how great and how important they are and that they don’t report fake news. They are delusional!

I do believe the media would be important if they actually did research instead of just regurgitating what they are told. Almost all the reporting is exactly the same, and that is worthless.