Healthcare Reform? Let's Take a Close Look at Some Examples Abroad

Republicans won the presidency and majorities in Congress based in part on promises to replace Obamacare.  Nonetheless, with so many Republicans facing re-election in states that voted for Clinton, the strategy of “repeal and replace” is easier said than done.  Furthermore, in view of the challenges involved in garnering enough votes for the “Obama-Lite” alternative that barely passed the House, Republicans appear to be running out of options. If the “gradualist” strategy is so problematic, why not move to single payer?  In Japan, healthcare spending makes up only 10% of GDP even though it has the world’s highest percentage of people 65 or older.  In the U.S. it is an appalling 17% (Fig. 1).  Japan also has the world’s lowest infant mortality, while in America this healthcare indicator exceeds that of all other developed nations with a comparable GDP (Fig. 2).  If lack of access to healthcare is...(Read Full Article)