Can the media read a CBO balance sheet? Not by their headlines

The headline should have been "Medicaid budget increased by $25 billion for 2018." In the attached budget document on page 17, it shows Medicaid at $403 billion for 2018 vs. $378 billion in 2017. For anyone who can read a balance sheet, (and plenty of journalism majors cannot), the $880 billion "cut" that was plastered all over the news comes from the previous administration's ten-year projections vs. the Trump administration's ten-year projections. But the only actual number is the $25 billion increase. I bet if the American people were told the actual number, it would be tough to protest -- or generate such an exciting headline for the left. The obvious reason for the headline is to push an agenda. One of the main reasons we are broke is because the government not only does not cut much, but a cut in a projected increase is always portrayed as a disaster. The media is a major culprit in pushing this agenda. Maybe the media could point out that all...(Read Full Article)