Why Trump Supporters are Still Solid

Trump voters can see that the president has had both successes and failures in the first months in office.  That’s normal.   The successes have been ignored by the Democrat press, but we inform ourselves by going to our own, more truthful, news sources.  There is much to celebrate.  When we focus on our side’s accomplishments, this is a happy time for our country. We know full well President Trump is not perfect, nor is his team, and his first 100 days have brought disappointments, too.  Support for Trump is not like the creepy hero-worship that Democrats gave Obama.  Conservatives have God to worship.  We do not confuse politicians with the Messiah.  We do not need to think our president is the most brilliant man in every room, or that all his failures are the fault of others. The reason we are so happy is that the big picture is astoundingly positive.  Perhaps this is why the Democrats have to scream so very loudly...(Read Full Article)