The Rotten Obama Record -- and Legacy

There is an excellent cartoon showing a circle of people surrounding Barack Obama, guarding him, preventing anyone from bringing him harm.  An observer asks if those people are the Secret Service.  The answer:  No, that’s the media.

I don’t think there is a better portrayal of the Obama legacy.  This cartoon succinctly communicates how this man gained office, kept it, and remained popular.  The Obama phenomenon had a complex side, but the most complex and nefarious part was the unwillingness of the mainstream media to criticize, or bring up any hint of wrongdoing on his part.  From the beginning, our media created an image for him, never actually delving into his background, his beliefs, or his life in any way.  Unlike the quest to find out Trump’s tax returns, the media never sought to reveal who or what Obama was.

After Obama’s election, it was Chris Matthews who infamously said, “My Job Is to Make the Obama Presidency a Success” continuing with, “This country needs a successful presidency.”  The entire left-leaning media clearly took that construct as its main job for Obama.  They reported everything as positive.  If there was something negative, or heaven forbid WRONG, it often was ignored, lied about or spun hard to make it look like nothing was there.  Great examples are the horror of Obamacare, the lies about Benghazi, and the falsehoods about the “wonderful” Iran deal.

There is a very dark underbelly to this fawning:  Obama himself.  Here was a radical leftist who had accomplished nothing in his entire life.  His success in politics was being elected, being black, and being able to convincingly read a teleprompter.  He had no brilliant bills he authored, no success in his work or political history, yet there he was being spoken of by our media as the finest example of intelligence, acumen, and moral clarity our country had produced in a century.   They also never reported this truth:  He was a hard leftist radical.

The biggest consequence in all this:  St. Barack seems to have actually believed the PR.  He could do no wrong.  Whatever he said, the media would slavishly report.  This was a terrible thing.  For anyone.  Sycophantic attention, no scrutiny, no hard questions.  Ever.  Looking back:  The radical he was, what he actually stood for, what his world view was, were the makings of a disaster. 

Which is his legacy.  A disaster.  Not only for him, but for all of us in this country.  So far, this man has skated because he has had no scrutiny.  The media tries to claim he had a scandal-free presidency.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Which has finally begun to trickle out.  The trickle started ignominiously with Donald Trump’s tweet about “wiretapping.”   I believe history will show that event as the beginning of the end of St. Barack.

Trump has taken much flack for that tweet, one that on its face was not entirely correct.  The media has had its weeks of fun with it, yet suddenly we find ourselves seeing major revelations of wrongdoing.  There have been a lot of suspicions about how Obama was steering the federal government and the bureaucracies, none of which appeared kosher. We are now beginning to see just how intentional his administration was at appropriating power for doing things that used to be considered shocking, wrong, and illegal. 

Barack Obama weaponized the federal government.  Purposefully.  We are learning there was an unprecedented use of the federal government to spy on an opposition party and its members within the U.S.  We are learning that Nixon was a piker, a little leaguer, a nothingburger.  This trickle that has become a stream is about to become a torrent.  Legacy.

When he nominated Eric Holder to be Attorney General, we should have known.  Rather than delve into Holder’s corrupt reputation, the GOP allowed this man through without a fight, allowing him to politicize the Justice Department in ways not thought possible.  This was the man who helped Bill Clinton pardon Marc Rich for the quid pro quo of money donations.  Holder then: 

*Dismissed Black Panther felonies

*Sent guns to drug gangs in Mexico to make a case for gun control

*Refused to give information to Congress about “Fast and Furious”

*Sued states for cleaning up voter rolls

*Roiled the black community for votes by hyping Trayvon Martin.

 The list of ugly things by Holder is long and beyond the pale.  When he left, Loretta Lynch followed in his same corrupt footsteps.  Both were an extension of a corrupt president who was puffed up with power, without scruples.  And the media didn’t care.   

Here are a few Obama scandals of corruption ignored by the media:

 * The IRS targeted conservative groups and individuals, apparently for the crime of being………conservative.  We are told Obama met with the head of the IRS over a hundred times prior to the scandal erupting.  Oh, I forgot, that would only be a scandal if Trump’s IRS went after the Sierra Club.   This targeting actually happened, the main perpetrator not in prison, still drawing a good salary for her efforts.  Politicizing the IRS to destroy political opponents, it happened.  They even admit it happened, yet no one is in prison.

The media allows democrats to be felonious.

* When the information was published about Edward Snowden, the sirens went off all across America.  We found out that the NSA was spying on ordinary Americans, sweeping up data from all their phone calls, texts and computer searches.  Who was President?  Oh, right, Barack the Pure.  His administration assured us this was not really happening.  Unfortunately, it actually was.  I know, I know, St. Barack would never use this kind of intelligence, would he?  He also “wiretapped” Angela Merkel, the Queen, and other foreign leaders, but he would never do such a thing…….

And yes, that was me feigning liberal media innocence. 

* Benghazi.  A complicated event, but one of consequence.  We do not know exactly what happened other than an American ambassador was killed, along with other Americans.  We do know that St. Barack and his cohorts all lied to the country with a straight face.  To add insult to injury he then went to the UN and lied to the world.  The video did it.

And the media helped them sell it.

 The list is longer, but now to the building flood of how the Trump team was “inadvertently”  (*Cough, cough*) surveilled prior to and after the election.  Yes, that is the narrative the democrat/media complex wants you to believe.  Don’t.  They argue that because “Russia hacked the election,” it was perfectly righteous to do what Nixon did; no namby pamby little burglary here, St. Barack would use the whole power of the government to spy and collect data on its political opponents.  And this was fine because "Trump colluded with the Russians.”   Which did not happen. 

It’s the Catch-22 of all time.  They had to investigate a scandal because they said it was one.  They had to spy on all these people, with no reason to, because they had to find a reason to do so.   And if you believe the Russians made Obama spy on American citizens, I have a bridge to sell you.  Cheap.  Just one small deposit in my Nigerian bank.

An incomplete recap of the corruption that has happened under his watch:  Eric Holder, the “stimulus,” Fast and Furious,  Solyndra, Obamacare, the census power grab, the IRS targeting of political opponents, executive amnesty, the Snowden NSA spy revelations, the debate collusion with Candy Crowley, race-baiting for votes, selling our soul to Iran and Cuba, wiretapping allies, spying on journalists, destroying attempts to clean up voter rolls, the Benghazi video.   Politicizing and weaponizing our government and its bureaucracies.  And so much more.  This was eight years of a purposeful, corrupt power grab in the worst of ways.   And no, I do not believe for a second he did not know, or did not incite these to happen.  Fish rot from the head down.  The media was the neck of this administration.

 This oozing scandal of spying on the Trump circle is being found out in spite of the media effort to spike it.  More people will find out as the facts emerge, it is too big to hide.   Obama and Susan Rice’s actions are too bizarre to bury.  Wikileaks was not covered by the media, yet half of America knew about it.  This is far bigger than Wikileaks revelations.  As the information streams forth about Obama’s wrongful spying, only hardcore true believers will stand with him.  Eventually, the rest of his actions will be scrutinized.  This will take time, likely years.  The facts will shine a devastating light on his Presidency, and his legacy: Will be far worse than Nixon, and he will be considered as worse.  He and his media enablers just don’t know it.


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