On Stealing Anne Frank’s Good Name

I beg to differ with one Steve Goldstein, a professional gay activist (the "Harvey Milk of New Jersey") who has had the unmitigated gall to call himself the “Executive Director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect.” 

The ideological media are peddling Mr. Goldstein’s PR releases, which are mostly demagogic lies. 

I don’t get hot under the collar over most of the left’s cheatin’ ways, but this one is beyond outrage. 

Anne Frank was a saintly young girl in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, who wrote a justly famous diary. 

Anne’s diary is still a great source for children and adults in the civilized world to get an understanding of the experiences of an innocent and always hopeful child under the worst circumstances life offers. The Nazi occupation was inconceivably evil, and like 90% of the Jews in the Netherlands, Anne was later deported and murdered. 

To steal Anne Frank’s good name for sleazy political demagogy is plainly evil. Yet Mr. Goldstein is managing to do exactly that, with the active collusion of the fakestream media, who are peddling his falsehoods, as usual. 

Just as a reminder, Hitler killed six million Jews as well as many, many millions of others, with his war machine. He notoriously used gas chambers to massacre Jews in concentration camps. 

But, and here is a point Mr. Goldstein seems to be ignorant of --- unless he is just screwing with your head -- Hitler did not use poison gas in war.

The reason is that the Allies had enormous quantities of toxic gas bombs, to be used if Hitler used them. So Hitler avoided gas warfare. 

President Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer fell into a semantic trap when he pointed out, quite accurately, that “Hitler didn't even sink to the level of using chemical weapons.” This is true. 

Hitler only used poison gas on helpless people in the death camps. 

So Goldstein did his demagogue act, and jumped on Sean Spicer for "Holocaust denial." This sleazy and evil piece of demagogy was immediately picked up and headlined by our profoundly ignorant media. 

Goldstein used Mr. Spicer’s perfectly innocent and accurate remark that the Nazis avoided poison gas bombs because they were afraid of retaliation from Britain, Russia and America. 

This is not a small point. As a German soldier in the trenches of World War I Hitler was gassed, although he recovered. More important, after World War I the Geneva Conventions agreed to ban poison gas as a weapon of war. Hitler and his malignant crew understood these facts perfectly well. They knew they could kill vast numbers of Jews and others in the gas chambers, because technically the Geneva Conventions did not ban gas chambers. Only gas bombs.  

Spicer’s important point was that Assad has repeatedly violated the international Geneva Conventions against Weapons of Mass Destruction, defined to include poison gas bombs. 

The Left has never bothered to make that point clear to its millions of readers in the West, although it is taught in any decent European history class. 

In fact, the Left has never bothered to tell its propaganda audiences that terrorism -- defined as the deliberate murder of innocent noncombatants as a weapon of war -- is also clearly and openly prohibited by international treaty. Even the Prussian war theorist Carl von Clausewitz expressed nothing but contempt for irregular thugs who committed war crimes while national armies in the 19th century were often trying to avoid non-combatant deaths. 

Obama, the Clintons, and the New York Times never tell us that terrorism is prohibited by international convention, because frankly, Karl Marx and Mohammed taught that mass murder of noncombatant women, children, the elderly, the wounded, on and on, was a legitimate weapon of war. That primitive and morally retrogressive style of war has come back to haunt us today, and it is high time for the news media to tell the truth about purposeful mass murder attacks on innocent civilians. 

What the fakestream doesn’t tell us is as bad as the lies they peddle every day. 

Back to Anne Frank. 

Ordinary life offers us few examples of truly saintly people. Such people do exist, and some of us have been fortunate enough to know some of them. 

We honor and cherish them. 

Anne Frank was one of those people. She still stands as a symbol of innocence and pure intentions to millions of people today. 

For some “smelly little orthodoxy” as George Orwell called them, to use Anne Frank’s good name to smear the President of the United States is simply beneath contempt. 

Anne Frank's name should never be stolen for any partisan or demagogic purpose. 

The open theft of Anne Frank's good name should tell us everything we need to know. Anybody funding this sleazy outfit should cut the money supply, and its "Executive Director" should hide his head in shame. 

Editor's note: An earlier version of this piece was posted under an incorrect byline. American Thinker regrets the error.

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