In France, conservative Fillon takes a swing at socialist President Hollande

In a French presidential campaign increasingly patterned after the U.S. recent soap, rightwing nominee François Fillon publicly accused socialist President Hollande of dirty tricks to destroy his candidacy and any chance of a political change. But going further than Trump with Clinton, he asked the Public Prosecutor to have the President investigated. Fillon, who served as prime minister under rightwing President Nicolas Sarkozy and won a landslide victory at the primary of the right and center last November, dropped his bombshell during a recent live broadcast on the public TV station France 2.  He implicated President Hollande in leaks of confidential documents that were meant to eliminate him as a candidate and halt the country’s likely shift to the right.  He sternly characterized Hollande’s underhanded tactics as a “state scandal” and demanded an investigation. Fillon is ironically embroiled in an investigation of his own after...(Read Full Article)