Growing Up American: Easter, the Story That Can Never Die

Every year at Easter there are those predictable Puritans who come forward to educate us on that holiday’s pagan origins. In an example from as far back as an 1877 newspaper, an article slyly titled, “Easter Traditions: Interesting Notes for the Festival,” draws the reader in with talk of “that most ancient of Christian festivals.”  The writer, perhaps the Alex Jones of the 19th Century, then springs his trap and exposes the truth of Easter’s “heathenish origins,” lecturing readers on Ēostre, Astarte, and variations of the goddess Ishtar. This revelation continues unabated every year, though I don’t think it’s stopped one chocolate bunny or colored egg from appearing on Christian tables across the world.  In fact, writer Anthony McRoy made an interesting case against the Pagan/Easter synthesis in this 2009 article. My parents were, however, happily unaware or decidedly apathetic about such controversies,...(Read Full Article)