Chuck Schumer Forces the Question: What to Do with Insane Liberals?

The initial case for housing progressives in internment camps was floated shortly after Trump's victory by feverish leftist minds convinced that his first presidential act would be to imprison or even kill anyone who stood in the way of his hellacious agenda.  Although President-Elect Trump dismissed the notion, perhaps hopeful that the fire of progressive insanity his election had unleashed would eventually burn itself out, he might be wise to reconsider the idea, as liberal lunacy has gone from flickering to supernova. The latest blast of Democrat dementia came courtesy of Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, whose descent into madness bottomed out in a New York City restaurant after he spied longtime Democratic Party power couple Joseph Califano and his wife Hilary. Despite Hilary Califano's liberal pedigree, she had openly admitted to voting for Trump, an act of progressive heresy so great that the sight of the apostate was enough to prompt the erratic Schumer...(Read Full Article)