American Resurrection

Easter Week celebrates resurrection. It’s fitting that of all weeks, the signs of the American resurrection championed by Donald Trump are finally beginning to show. There is a book titled Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Really Bad Day. Let’s change that to the left’s terrible, horrible, really bad week, because an American resurrection is happening.

The week started with the swearing in of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. This portends a potentially sane court policy for years.  Another ideological leftist on the court would have been a disaster. Instead, we have a stabilizing, common sense, intellectually clear judge to countermand the court’s drift to the left. It means we still have a reasonable shot at holding on to being a country of laws, rather than a country of cool personalities with bad ideas. We no longer need to fear the lack of constitutional authority. That’s a big deal. Equally big is how the foolish Democrats tried to filibuster his nomination and lost. This means that the next good Supreme Court nomination by Trump will also sail through. And the next if there is one.

Susan Rice has been unmasked as the unmasker. The revelations of what she did in the spying scandal will now take a front seat. These revelations will be investigated, as they are too big to hide, and the attempts by the prior administration and the deep state to undermine and defeat Trump have failed.

The statistics on illegal immigration are in. Apparently, the wave of illegals has been cut by 70% since Trump’s inauguration. And the Wall doesn’t even exist yet. So much for all those who said we couldn’t halt this illegal flood. ICE is deporting criminals (and leftists are squealing), sanctuary cities are going to lose a lot of funds, Lansing, Michigan, just voted to stop being a sanctuary city, overcoming their foolish mayor. With Jeff Sessions at the DOJ, Trump being the Wall, with sanctuary cities losing power, money, and steam, the American resurrection now has more than a fighting chance. It is going to be fashionable to be a proud American patriot once again.

And now for the big one: America is no longer leading from behind! Trump reasserted a genuinely proud American foreign policy into the world, after eight years of its disappearance. He enforced the red line of a prior, somewhat feckless president, and he did it while eating dessert with the Chinese prime minister. China is now saying and doing things to help stop North Korea. This was a Reaganesque move in many ways. The world now sees a different America, one that is strong, resolute, and unafraid. We will no longer be considered a fat, lazy weakling to kick sand at.  

Who is it that is angry at us for using our missiles other than Syria? Yes, that would be Russia. The foolish and feeble narrative that two-thirds of hardcore Democratic voters appear to believe, the one that says Russia elected Trump instead of Hillary, is toast.

A recent interview with Donald Trump by Maria Bartiromo made it clear that he thinks things are looking better for many of his economic plans. He hinted that they will get the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare done. The ducks are in a row now, and this will finally pass. He also said it’s the keystone in economic reform, saving millions of dollars for Americans, and saving the once-great U.S. health care industry. Once health reform passes, they are going for tax reform. I remember when Reagan’s reforms took the country by storm in 1980s. Strength, growth, jobs, we became an economic powerhouse for decades. We overcame Japan and defeated the Soviet Union without a shot.

Let’s face it -- the obstruction of the “we must resist anything Trump does” leftists had taken its toll. Slowing cabinet appointments to a snail’s pace, Judges stopping Trump’s clear right as president to reform the vetting process for immigrants, the deep state getting away with its leaking, the disastrous GOP non-rollout of its health care plan. The accumulation of these negatives was having an effect. The Trump promises were in jeopardy of dying a premature death.

But the tide has turned in this war for the resurrection of the American spirit. Events have taken place that will overcome the obstruction of Trump’s big agenda. The Reagan years began just as rocky. Even though the agenda was set slowly, it eventually became an unstoppable force for the renewing of the American spirit in the 1980s. Many look back on Reagan’s decision to fire the air traffic controllers as the beginning point of the good things that happened. Likewise, this most excellent week will be looked at as the beginning for Trump’s MAGA agenda. American resurrection has never looked better.

All in time to celebrate Easter.

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