A Tax Expert's Take on Trump's Proposal: 'A Truly Great Tax Plan'

It certainly appears that Trump has more common sense and intelligence on taxes and the economy than many of those advising him, the career politicians from both parties, the bureaucrats, the media and most economists. I am a 64 year old CPA who has been doing taxes for approximately 40 years. This is the most intelligent tax policy I have seen since Ronald Reagan’s and my initial thoughts make me believe that it is better than Reagan’s. It is a simple and logical plan that would give everyone the incentive to earn more instead of spending so much time and money trying to beat the tax man.  I believe the impetus it would give to economic growth is immeasurable. The summary of what I have seen on President Trump’s tax plan looks like it would greatly help almost everyone and especially the overall economy. If the U.S makes the corporate tax rates more competitive, businesses in the U.S would have a great incentive to keep businesses here and/or to move...(Read Full Article)