Obama's Snowflakes

As President Trump focuses on jobs, Barack Obama’s oddness as a President is thrown into relief.  How little we heard about jobs during Obama’s two terms -- not even jobs in the inner city.  We did hear a great deal about racism and sexism and homophobia on college campuses.  On college campuses?   

The media created the impression that Obama didn’t do much as president besides fundraise and play golf.  He was actually both busy and effective in radicalizing his chosen identity groups.

It is not necessary for the hard-left to win over a majority of their targeted demographics.  They only need to create a vocal, domineering minority that gets their hands on the levers of power and money.  Nowhere do we see the success of this strategy more than on college campuses.

Jobs for radicals was Obama’s major jobs initiative:  get progressives hired on campus, where they recruit thousands of young people, encouraging vulnerable kids to major in grievance studies, then use threats and funds from the federal government, and campus agitation to require more hiring of grievance professors and staff, more power for the hard left.

Obama’s Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department and the Department of Education’s own Office for Civil Rights accused our colleges of being hotbeds of racism and rape.   In response, colleges staffed up their rape protection, diversity and bias offices – 150 full time professionals at U.C. Berkeley alone.  These professional community organizers set to work creating a culture of antagonism and grievance on campus. They turned colleges into centers of progressive indoctrination and bullying.

UC Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion has placed vertical banners across the main campus reminding students of the contemporary university’s paramount mission: assigning guilt and innocence within the ruthlessly competitive hierarchy of victimhood. Each banner shows a photo … beside a purported quotation from that student or bureaucrat.  (snip) “I will think before I speak and act,” promises a white male student from the class of 2016. … it means: “I will mentally scan the University of California’s official list of microaggressions …

The transformation of our campuses into Orwellian safe spaces for snowflakes did not happen spontaneously.  There was a snow machine behind it all.  Obama’s Department of Education sent out a “Dear Colleague” letter to every campus in America,  threatening them with sexual discrimination lawsuits and loss of federal funds.  Due process for those accused, protection for free speech or freedom of religion, were no longer allowed on campus – our Bill of Rights is redefined as abusive to victims.

Williams documents how she went from being “Dean of Students” (to) “Dean of Sexual Assault

“… because of misguided pressure from the Office of Civil Rights and the Obama administration as part of their hysterical campaign against the alleged campus rape culture.  

The new head of the DNC, Tom Perez, led the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division.  He deliberately scared the heck out of college administrations:

For reasons that baffled us all, OCR released a list of colleges and universities under investigation for alleged Title IX complaints, despite the fact that these institutions had not yet been found to be in violation of anything.

Hand in hand with the intimidation tactics was the buying of power and place for progressives to dominate campus life.  Obama offered millions of dollars of federal funds to launch rape programs. 

… resources to help students who are victims of sexual assault ...one of 61 grants totaling $25 million. The college will use the nearly $300,000 grant …to improve offender accountability… to make the campus safer for students.

Federal money to staff up on thought police followed the Dear Colleague threats.  To cover their rear ends, colleges created Bias Response Teams that now supervise the speech of 2.84 million college students.  Their speech police monitor politics and “intellectual perspectives,” as well as speech on race, sex, gender, and “shape.” Students and faculty are asked to anonymously report one another to administrators, who are empowered to reprimand, require re-education, even suspension and expulsion.  To meet the demand for thought supervision, colleges have staffed up with hundreds of progressive administrators (driving up the cost of college, making administrators more dominant than faculty).

Diversity training began as a requirement for freshmen, to teach them the new rules on approved thinking and train them in white guilt.  After holding out for decades against requiring diversity courses, UCLA caved last spring. The new black activists on campuses want even more – they are requiring white privilege and social justice be woven into every course, even engineering and forestry. 

When Thomas Easley interviews people who want to teach statistics at North Carolina State University (NCSU), he poses a question most applicants probably aren’t expecting: How would you integrate diversity into your curriculum? 

Radical campus groups demand more staff and new centers for the progressive agenda – a reinforcing spiral of radicalizing students and providing jobs for radical blacks, gays, and feminists to continue the pressure on campus.

Yale’s response to protests includes doubling funding for cultural centers and the creation of a new multicultural center (in addition to an existing $50 million campaign to increase the diversity of the faculty). Brown has promised a $100 million diversity initiative. Claremont McKenna will create “new leadership positions on diversity and inclusion” in the offices of academic and student affairs. At Ithaca College, site of more November protests, leaders announced the creation of a “Chief Diversity Officer.”

There were yet more snowflake machines.  Obama instituted a White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault that worked in “partnership” with Generation Progress.  They spread the progressive ‘men are rapists’ message in 500 schools and got a quarter of a million young people to sign a pledge called “It’s On Us.”  Generation Progress is Obama’s kind of group.  Rape prevention is just the recruiting tool.  Young people are trained to fight Republicans on illegal aliens, gun rights, religious liberty, free speech and so on. In their own words:

“…strengthen progressive voices on college and university campuses,” “counter the growing influence of right-wing groups on campus,” and “empower new generations of progressive leaders.”

Obama and his radical allies target young people through scores of non-profit organizations that become a cycle of agitation and coercive funding, to train more agitators and provide positions of influence for them.

Three billion dollars of money from our banking system was extorted with ACORN-like tactics by Obama’s DOJ, and funneled to radical groups, like La Raza, active among millennials.  Muslim radicals were invited to the White House; a leading Palestinian jihadi was awarded by Obama as a White House “Champions of Change.”  BDS on campus and threats to Jews exploded.  The global warming narrative gins up leftwing support among millennials, and has received $100 billion dollars in federal funds since 1989.  In his last budget, Obama kept funding for science research flat, except for one winner – global warming.

Obama launched the narrative of killer cops, hosted Black Lives Matter leaders, and encouraged street riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.  Then the trained agitators on campus demanded more hiring of progressive staff to fight racism because of Ferguson and fake racist incidents perpetrated by leftist students.

Over the past 18 months, the Times reports, 90 American colleges and universities have hired “chief diversity officers.” These administrators were hired in response to the wave of racial incidents that convulsed campuses like the University of Missouri over the past year. They are bulking up an already thriving industry. 

Hiring of history professors has declined by almost 50% under Obama, but diversity hiring is on steroids.

Obama’s private foundation, Organizing for Action, trained thirty thousand young activists while he was president. 

47 percent of those who applied to the group’s summer fellowship program spoke a language other than English fluently. … specialized tracks for female and college-aged fellows. … (to send) progressive advocates out into the world of politics.

Since President Trump’s election, Obama has announced he will devote his efforts to OFA.  They have staffed up and opened 250 offices nationwide.  Expect more black-masked, violent “protestors” assaulting democracy as we know it – supported by approving press releases from Obama.  

The hard left has become a political force in America, with our angry snowflakes as the shock troops.  Obama plans for OFA to churn out 2 million millennial agitators.

It is time to stop blaming helicopter moms for our snowflakes.   Our kids actually require a lot of compulsory diversity training and thought policing to be sure they follow Obama’s progressive agenda.  Open rebellion is punished harshly, with social stigma and even expulsion.  The only voices safe on campus are the leftists.  They dominate the debate and become the new normal for this generation.

The term “politically correct” is itself a euphemism for something older and uglier, the thoughtcrimes of Stalin and Mao.  Our young people have been mercilessly submitted to propaganda and punishment.  Should we be surprised when some of them start to act like Red Guards?