Finally: A Hollywood Film about Leaving Homosexuality

We know too well how many lies the American left has perpetrated on the world.  Christian readers here understand that Jesus Himself told us that lies are the primary weapons the enemy of our souls uses.  Yet guess how extravagantly the LGBTQ community has been lied to.

So much so that in 2013, crusaders against reparative therapy (counseling for those who do not want same-sex romantic attractions) in New Jersey had as their star witness a troubled, precious person who, in front of the state Senate, recounted her time allegedly spent in an ex-gay camp that in reality (using the term loosely) was apparently fabricated from a 1999 movie.  You read that right: a 1999 RuPaul movie.  And the Senate, along with Gov. Chris Christie, fell for it!

That's why it is so simultaneously amazing and refreshing that there is now a film out called I Am Michael, based on the true story of Michael Glatze, who left his gay identity over a decade ago and has since become a pastor and married.  According to World Net Daily, neither the cast nor the initial exposure to the film is obscure:

Boasting A-list actors James Franco, Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts – with a cameo by Darryl Hannah – "I Am Michael" debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in February 2015 but was released for distribution just three weeks ago.

In addition, the film's subject, Mr. Glatze, wasn't just a garden-variety activist:

After becoming editor of Young Gay America magazine at age 22, Glatze received numerous awards and recognition, including the National Role Model Award from the major homosexual-rights organization Equality Forum. Media gravitated toward him, leading to appearances on PBS television and MSNBC and quotes in a cover story in Time magazine called "The Battle Over Gay Teens."

He produced, with the help of PBS affiliates and Equality Forum, the first major documentary film to address homosexual teen suicide, "Jim In Bold," which toured the world and received numerous "best in festival" awards. Young Gay America's photo exhibit, telling the story of young people across North America, toured Europe, Canada and parts of the U.S.

In 2005, Glatze was featured in a panel with Judy Shepard, mother of slain homosexual Matthew Shepard, at the prestigious JFK Jr. Forum at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

In a previous interview, Mr. Glatze noted that it was shortly after the JFK Jr. Forum that he began to question his own words and, with that, his life's direction.  Recently married, he offered more insight into himself and his journey from homosexuality in a 2014 discussion with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi.  The movie is largely faithful to his story, including the significant amount of time it took for him (like many others) to leave his gay identity.

Here is the I Am Michael trailer (WARNING: some adult-oriented scenes):

Now, a few admonitions.

This isn't the first story of a gayest-man-on-planet-Earth falling happily in love with a woman.  Back in the late '70s, Tom Robinson wowed the British New Wave scene with this mournful, groundbreaking ditty, "Glad to Be Gay."  He later fell in love with Sue, his wife, due to self-described "late onset bisexuality."  Years later, "Queer as Folk" creator Russell Davies created a critically acclaimed but short-lived BBC series, Bob and Rose, based on his real-life most "out, loud, and proud" gay friend, also madly in love with his wife, their daughter's mother.  (Mr. Davies subsequently admitted to receiving many letters from gay men wishing the most excruciating harm on the "Rose" character, adding that it had taught him that the so-called "Sexual Revolution" was not at all about the freedom to love whomever one wants.)  Noticeably absent from these men's tales: a Bible!

Closer to home, I've witnessed the testimony of Christian songwriter Dennis Jernigan, once exclusively gay, now married with ten biological children plus grandkids.  One of my own friends, Tom Cole, wanted a family of his own as a young man but, never attracted to women, didn't believe he'd have one.  Tom recently celebrated the 25th-year wedding anniversary to his beloved Donna, herself ex-lesbian-identified.  Today they're also cherishing two new grandchildren, alongside their four children and their spouses.  Messrs. Jernigan and Cole are far from the only such people to have had such journeys.  Many are those who have left and will continue to leave their gay identities permanently.

Finally, I, like many, haven't the slightest degree of trust for most of Hollywood's worldview.  Indubitably, there will be those wondering: "What's the 'catch' to this film?"  While I Am Michael shows Jesus Christ's infinite power, it clearly isn't a film meant for the family, containing nudity, unwholesome situations, and even a "threesome" scene.  Even the director seems a bit bewildered by the story and, like some of Michael's friends, perhaps expects him to eventually return to his gay identity.

I Am Michael's gift, though, is simply that this story is told.  The greatest lie our modern LGBT leadership would like to perpetuate is the one sung by Lady Gaga at this year's Super Bowl halftime: that gay people are "born this way."  Despite decades of fruitless research on a genetic or hormonal cause, homosexuality is said to be immutable (while gender, determined at both the genital and chromosomal level, is strangely seen as something one can adjust as he desires).  The holy grail of proving "gayness" innate would be the ultimate negation of any argument or injunction against LGBT rights.  "Born this way" is the trump card for the modern gay rights movement, and it explains why the movement's leaders would cheerfully have a chosen representative commit serial perjury in front of a state Senate.

We also mustn't forget that there are far darker motives involved in this entire equation requiring a unified anti-ex-gay effort.  The ghastly "born this way" meme is beneficial to keeping many LGBT-identified people (so many of whom carry deep emotional wounds) and supporters on the reservation the same way the Berlin Wall kept the East Germans in theirs.  It also causes this to inevitably happen (according to no less than the Huffington Post [!] last week) when the despicable collective decision is made to tell a questioning, emotionally needy youth with raging hormones that he has no hope of change.

That's why it's exhilarating that I Am Michael has made it to the light of day in the current confused depravity of our "entertainment industry" and culture.  Let's pray that it's not the last such effort to bring this truth to our fellow man.

Kurt Wayne is the founder of Pornografia Destroi ("Pornography destroys" in Portuguese), an online ministry fighting pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking while working to help those leaving the grip of sexual addiction in the nations of Brazil, Angola, and Portugal, as well as the rest of the Portuguese-speaking world.

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