Dutch immigrant party: the future of Europe?

Sons instructing their illiterate mother on how to vote.  People casting proxy votes for their entire family.  Mosques being put under pressure to support the party’s candidates.  Islamic propaganda leaflets at the entry of the polling station. A nation in the Middle East, you say? Wrong.  I’m referring to the recent elections in the Netherlands.  Amid the establishment’s cries of joy over the “defeat” of Geert Wilders, another important story was all but brushed under the carpet: the migrant party “DENK” got three seats in parliament and became the biggest party in at least one district of the capital (Amsterdam). Of course three seats does not mean they will wield great influence, but their electoral success is seen as the beginning of a new trend.  Migrants are turning away from their traditional “benefactors” in the European socialist parties, and forming political movements of their...(Read Full Article)