Charles Murray’s Crime: Telling Liberals They Are Making Things Worse

Do you know the higher education version of the dog-ate-my-homework excuse? It is: “outside agitators.” We heard it from Berkeley at the beginning of February, and now we just got it from the president of Middlebury College, who has written that she was shocked, shocked that activism was taking place on her campus on the occasion of a visit by libertarian intellectual Charles Murray. But not to worry: We believe that many of these protestors were outside agitators, but there are indications that Middlebury College students were involved as well. So that’s all right. The rest of us are waiting for the arrests, expulsions, suspensions, and general disregard for due process that apply when, e.g., a conservative student dares to publish a video rant by his class teacher. On the other hand, there is nothing like flat-out liberal injustice to keep the Trump brigade in full fighting trim. It is appropriate, of course, that the lefty social justice...(Read Full Article)