Capitulating to Black Racism

President Trump has a surprising solution to black violence and the enormous gap between white people and black people in America: Same-old, same-old.

The scene of this epic capitulation was the Oval Office, where this week a posse of black executives from black colleges were happy that the same guy they have vilified for two years seems oddly eager to let bygones be bygones.

Every person in that room knew Trump had only two choices:

1) Grab the entire system of racial preferences and quotas by the stem and pull it out by the roots; or

2) Pretend that system does not promote black on white hostility and violence, and double down with more preferences, more quotas, more stories of relentless black victimization and white racism.

Trump chose Number 2.

Which is nothing more than a repeat of many other “solutions” for the “problems” of black colleges and black students over the last 100 years:

More money. More special treatment. Lower standards. Unprepared graduates with degrees in black studies wondering why they can’t find a job, then remembering why: White racism is holding them back.

Later, rinse, repeat. Then visit the Museum of African American Racial Hostility at the Smithsonian.

For all the political geniuses out there who are stapling their fingers, getting ready to explain the pure genius of trying to split at least a few black people from the Democratic coalition, don’t bother. Every Republican tries it -- George Bush with AIDS in Africa ring a bell? How about Condi Rice and Colin Powell? -- and it never works.

Maybe this time, this will be different.

The idea is generally grab the graduates of black colleges, send them back to black neighborhoods, where they will preach love, devotion, and surrender.  And forget the black on white hostility they learned every day in their black colleges.

Wouldn’t it be pretty if that were true?

Instead we get community organizers, who, if they get their way, take eight years to install racial preferences into every nook and cranny of the federal government. Then sit back and wait for racial hell to break loose if Trump tries to touch even one.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters around the country are under violent attack from black people, while MSNBC and others are trying to convince us the opposite is true.

The latest comes from Kettering, Ohio, in the suburbs of Dayton. Over the weekend, a white kid walked out of sports bar where a dozen black people started taunting and harassing and threatening him about Donald Trump.

Stop me if you have heard of this story before in dozens of other places around the country over the last few months: pulling white people out of cars, beating them to the sounds of Trump obscenities. Or my personal favorite, the black person who, just a few days ago, pulled on AR-15 rifle out of the trunk of his car, removed a Trump bumper sticker, then challenged to the owner to stop him.

All on video -- all because Trump wants to “deport” black people back to Africa. I would not have believed that either unless I saw it on video. So here it is:

Anyway, then they beat the hell out of a big white guy named Lee Arron Jackson, who came to the aid of his friend. He picks up the story of violence:
“Four or five of the guys held me down on the hood of my girlfriend’s car,” Jackson told WHIO news. “While the biggest one punched me in the face repeatedly. I felt my face break. I was yelling at them and screaming at them, ‘guys you just broke my face. Why? Why are you doing this?’” 

Anyone who attended a black college knows the answer to that question: Black on white violence wildly out of proportion is caused by white racism. Which is everywhere. All the time. And it explains everything. They call it Critical Race Theory -- only it is not a theory anymore, it is an industry of books and lectures and movies and lifestyles and TV shows and government programs that is a staple of life on black colleges -- and white ones too.

The beating continued, much to the delight and encouragement of other black people kind enough to put some of the encounter on video:


Along with lots of other black on white violence visited upon Trump supporters and ignored by national news. You find that here: Colin Flaherty Trump violence playlist.

Meanwhile, national news continues to try and convince us that Trump supporters (white nationalists all, says NPR) are desecrating Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis and Philadelphia, because this is how white people roll.

Another fairy tale that only makes sense the further you get from those two cities and the closer you get to Washington. Because people who live in and around those two chocolate cities know that large-scale criminality is a black thing.

And unless you went to a black college, you wouldn’t understand.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Sellers, White Girl Bleed a Lot and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. Subscribe to him on YouTube by clicking here.