The Left: False Premises and Suicidal Actions

Donald Trump is a realist and a pragmatist. He has to be, because he wouldn't last in business if he was mentally fixated on only one way to get things done. So he's tried and failed, changed his mind many times, kept what works and dumped what doesn't work. 

This is pretty much what realists have to do. The United States has just (barely) survived eight years of Obama, who is a fixated ideologue. Obama never listens to other people because 

​he is cognitively stuck. When the Arab Spring failed, he didn't turn to Egypt's President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who managed to save his country from the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama just ​kept supporting the MB's​ in Egypt, because they are​ just as mentally fixated as he is. 

​Marxists believe in terror to create utopia, and so does the Ikhwan. They see each other as natural allies. ​They both believe in global rule through centralized control. Obama never learned from the crash of the Soviet Union, and jihad never learns from a thousand years of political anarchy. If you live in your head, reality always comes as a surprise. And you never have to change your mind. 

When Gorbachev's Soviet Union was falling apart, the Central Committee would go Bozhe Moi! (My God!) whenever another piece of bad news came in. It kept coming in, because everybody was deeply indoctrinated in false beliefs. Nothing worked. 

When Trump won the last election by running circles around the media-political complex, fifty million liberals went stark raving mad, and they haven't come down yet. You always pay a price for living in a world of lies. 

​Germany's ​Angela Merkel, a bona fide leftocrat, tells us that Muslim hate propaganda and violence have nothing to do with Islam. Apparently she hasn't read the Qur'an lately, or she believes that the Crusades (which ended in the 12th century) show how violent Christianity really is. 

But being stuck in ​self-delusion won't solve the threat of jihad, and Mutti Merkel is now considered to be batty to the eyeballs ​by her own ​voters. With luck, they will turn her out soon, and ​maybe ​try a saner candidate​. 

What liberals never, ever learn is that jihad is a basic dogma of Islam. It is Allah's command to indoctrinate children to hate Jews and Christians and atheists, one of the five duties every Muslim must obey. The strategy and tactics of Islam are ruthless intimidation and terrorism. Every suicide-bomber is sent to accomplish very specific military objectives, including scaring enemies into surrender, sabotaging other beliefs, and getting folks like ​Obama to block U.S. domestic ​energy production. (The Saudis pay big bucks to Green Democrats ​if they can block our coal and oil.) These are all carefully considered military objectives.

​We think of jihadi as mad. But they aren't mad; they are ​just ​deeply indoctrinated, like Japanese pilots diving ​their planes ​into American carriers at the Battle of ​Okinawa. 

Holy War cults aren't technically mad. In their own ​terms of reference they are sane and extremely dangerous. 

​You will never talk them out of their beliefs as long as they can keep killing you.​ They will only be stopped when they are defeated, militarily and psychologically.

When the Ottoman Empire was defeated in WWI, Ataturk threw out the Ulema and created a secular nation that did well for over half a century. It was not a democracy, but it educated men and women, kept the peace domestically, and stopped the madness of Ottoman imperialism. Defeat in WWI made life better. 

Merkel and her kind will never get that, because they are stuck in false premises​. Which means that Merkel will keep surrendering to a totalitarian war cult, "hoping the crocodile will swallow them last" (in Churchill's​ words). 

I used to rather like Merkel, but she is obviously stuck in false premises --- all humans are really ​peaceful, and it's only the greedy capitalists who stir up ​trouble in the world. 

False premises lead to false conclusions, and delusional​ Leaders happily lead their followers off the cliff. We've seen it happen the Soviet Union, ​with Chavismo in Venezuela and ​in much of the Muslim world, whose people Mutti wants to ​keep bringing to Germany. ​She can't stop digging that hole. ​

​Ideological stuckness seems to exist all over the world today. American liberals​ are imitating those famous Nuremberg rallies, ​because, well, because they are mad as hell, and aren't going to take it any more! 

Many of them have just found out about the Electoral College, which shows how much they learned in school. And they've never heard of vote stealing in, say, Chicago, where Obama was mentored by Emil Jones, the Godfather of the Illinois Machine. 

Their ignorance is rivalled only by their sense of entitlement. 

Liberals can't be wrong, so they have to keep digging. It's always somebody else's fault.

Supposedly serious liberal pundits are wondering about impeachment or even violence to overthrow the illegitimate Trump administration. 

Well, first thing they might try is to read the U.S. Constitution. They might get informed about its philosophical basis in John Locke and the Founders. They might try to answer the question as to why constitutional government has worked for more than two centuries in the United States, while European nations struggled with instability, wars, and domestic rebellions. They might want to read a little history, and find out why we are a nation of immigrants who became Americans. And they might want to think about the reasons why the United States worked in practice, not in some utopian fantasy.

We may not be perfect, but just pick another country, and wonder why they didn’t build utopia. 

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