Slime and the Slimers

“There’s no Elmer’s Glue to be found anywhere on Oahu,” my eleven-year-old granddaughter announced dramatically as we got into the car at Honolulu airport last Sunday. Still groggy from the ten-hour flight across so many time zones and with my ears still stopped up, I thought I had misheard her. Asking for some explanation, I got a very rapid paced explanation. Every sixth grader on the island is making slime, a concoction composed of Elmer’s Glue, cornstarch, and some secret ingredients known only to very aware eleven-year-olds and which I’ve already forgotten. The run on glue was so substantial that as soon as word got out of the arrival of a new shipment, someone texted the location to her friends who texted it to their friends and in no time that store, too, found its shelves of glue stripped bare.

Fads like this are nothing new. What makes them spread so quickly and completely is the kids’ use of the Internet. And sure enough, within days of our arrival the Wall Street Journal described the slime phenomenon. There are even enterprising youngsters making money out of sharing instructions for making it and using Instagram to purvey already confected slime.

The situation on Oahu turned out to be less dire than first we heard. No -- a black market in the glue had not yet developed. Some apparently was still being airlifted in, it seems, for in an out-of-the-way convenience store in a neighborhood which must be devoid of eleven-year-old kids we found a squeeze bottle under a trade name “school glue”.

Adult creators of slime don’t need glue. They need credulous readers and viewers too lazy to check libelous statements, especially claims that fit their own preconceptions.

One ongoing slime is that Trump is anti-Semitic. Something I heard repeated at Georgetown University, home of a professor of Islamic studies who condoned rape and slavery in the Moslem world just this week. The charge against Trump is not only false, but is a favorite of the sort of people who never expressed interest in the Barack Obama-Rashid Khalidi tape being held under lock and key by the Los Angeles Times. The very people who never concern themselves with the substantial evidence of the anti-Semitism of Keith Ellison, runner up in the race for DNC chair and now appointed as "Deputy Chair" by winner Tom Perez.   Jeff Dunetz details the anti-Semitic acts on the record of Obama, none of which seem to bother the Democratic shills like the ADL and the media. Here are some of them:

Beginning with his first campaign for president, Obama surrounded himself with anti-Semites like General [Merrill] McPeak, 2008 Obama for President Co-Chair who had an impressive resume of blaming our foreign policy on the “Jewish Lobby.” Perhaps the best example of McPeak’s anti-Semitism was when he was asked during an interview why there isn’t peace in the Middle East and he said, “New York City. Miami. We have a large vote -- vote, here in favor of Israel. And no politician wants to run against it.” (in other words those pesky Jews, who control America’s policy on the Middle East).

One of his first presidential appointments was the anti-Semitic Chas Freeman who blamed his resignation on the evil Israel lobby (a nicer way of saying Jewish lobby). Actually Chas, it was a lot less than an evil Israel lobby, much of it was the work of a few Jewish bloggers -- one of whom was named The Lid.

Obama’s first presidential Medal of Freedom honorees were Bishop Desmond Tutu and Mary Robinson. The nicest thing Bishop Desmond Tutu ever said about Jews was “People are scared in this country [the US], to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful.” He also once said, that “the Jews thought they had a monopoly on God.”

Tutu’s co-honoree Mary Robinson presided over the “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance” that turned into a non-stop hate-fest against Jews and Israel. The conference was so anti-Semitic that Colin Powell, the Secretary of State at the time, walked out.

During his presidency Obama has allied himself with Al Sharpton who started the anti-Semitic pogrom in Crown Heights and incited the anti-Semitic fire bombing of Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem. He sent his closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, to keynote an anti-Semitic ISNA conference whose discussions included: how key Obama aides are “Israeli,” proving Jews “have control of the world,” or how the Holocaust is punishment of Jews for being “serially disobedient to Allah.”

For his second Secretary of Defense Obama appointed Chuck Hagel who believed in the nefarious “world wide Jewish conspiracy.” Hagel was once quoted as saying “The political reality is that… the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here.”

Of the anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street movement the President said, “We are on their side.”

Radical Islamists attacked the Kosher supermarket Hyper-Cacher (French for Super Kosher) in Paris on a Friday afternoon. The attack happened just before the Jewish Sabbath when they knew it would be crowded with Jews. Obama first insisted it was a random act and not an anti-Semitic act. And when the world leaders came together to march in Paris as a protest against the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the anti-Semitic Hyper-Cacher attack Obama was conspicuous in his absence.

President Obama’s July 31, 2015 phone call, organized by the anti-Israel group J Street and other progressive Jewish groups, also exposed possible Obama anti-Semitism.

In the 20 minute phone call Obama said over and over that opponents of the Iran deal come from the same “array of forces that got us into the Iraq war,” he said a “bunch of billionaires who happily finance super PACs” are “putting the squeeze on members of Congress.”

The message was clear to the Jewish participants, William Daroff Senior Vice President for Public Policy and Director of the Washington office of The Jewish Federations of North America tweeted during the meeting “Jews are leading effort to kill #Irandeal. ‘Same people opposing the deal led us into Iraq war,’” and followed with “Canard: Jews got us into Iraq War.”

This week Milo Yiannopolous was the slime target. Milo, a young, transgressive, and bright speaker and writer (for Breitbart, inter alia, at least until this week) was accused falsely of defending pedophilia. You are free to judge for yourself if he did. My reading of the unedited transcript of his remarks, is that he did not.

Instead, he was set up for the charge just before he was due to address CPAC to make the slime slimier. Oddly, I don’t recall that the people who pretend to be shocked ever spoke up about the over 1000 girls raped in Rotherham, were cool with the explicit sex education courses on condom use and anal sex in K-12 classrooms, or think Lena Dunham’s sexually molesting her younger sister was cool. Indeed, the far-left publication Salon reportedly scrubbed pro-pedophilia articles from their site prior to what was a clearly organized attack on the most effective anti-PC force on college campuses.

To my eyes, there are lots of people who rightly fear their rice bowls are going to be smashed by President Trump and his war against the anti-democratic administrative state and they are trying to delegitimize  those who support him one at a time. Sarah Hoyt is on the money when she says an attack on Milo is an attack on us all.

While the slimers have many advantages going for them, thinking people who aren’t lazy have some advantages, too. Next time you hear a disparaging tale about the president or those close to him, search for the original text and read or listen to it in its unedited form. The same sort of people who waste your money on a dangerously constructed and way too expensive Big Dig (Boston), on poorly maintained dams (California), or horribly managed water supplies (Flint) are playing with your mind to maintain power. And you’ll pay dearly for being credulous.

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