Mainstream Media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome Epidemic

Donald Trump concluded his second week as President of the United States last Friday.  Prompted by virtually every utterance and action of the current President, the never-ending demonstrations and delirium of the professional activist Left as well as the Democratic Party hierarchy and much of the mainstream media and entertainment cabal has produced perhaps the most memorable and entertaining fortnight in recent American political history.   Judging by their permanent state of hysteria it appears that this assemblage of left-wing factions is unaware that there are, at a minimum, 206 weeks remaining in the Trump presidency.  Maintaining the current level of frenzy will be a formidable task.

Which prompts me, as someone who observed and at times participated in the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations of the 1960’s and has been on this planet more than three score and ten years, to offer some observations and a few helpful hints.

I am still not certain what the Women’s March, which took place over the inaugural weekend, was all about.   There was little doubt that they didn’t like Trump but beyond that it appears, based on the rhetoric and signage, that it was solely an exercise in finding as many crude ways as possible to expound on sexual activity and describe female genitalia.  Was I supposed to be shocked or embarrassed or moved by all this exercise in gross one-upmanship?  

Well I wasn’t; rather I was bemused as I thought back to those halcyon male chauvinist days of the 1960’s and 70’s when I, along with virtually all American males, were berated because, per the feminists, we supposedly only viewed women as the sum of their bodily parts.  It now appears, based on the words of that pillar of intellectual prowess Ashley Judd and others, that women are, in fact, the sum of their bodily parts.  By the way ladies, congratulations: you have, in public, far exceeded whatever you think the banter regarding women is in the privacy of male locker rooms.  So now what is the sequel to grab attention, as so much time remains in the Trump presidency?  There aren’t many options remaining beyond an endless cavalcade of public nudity as these so-called feminist groups have pretty much plumbed the depths of verbal depravity.   But the nation will be watching and waiting for the curtain to rise on the next act of the Feminist Follies.

The Left prides itself on so-called unprompted demonstrations and public disruptions while asserting that these protests are a mirror reflecting what they erroneously claim a clear majority of Americans think about an issue.   The reality is that virtually all these demonstrations are nothing more than organized spontaneity to engender sympathetic media coverage such as the near instantaneous demonstrations at airports when Trump announced his temporary suspension of refugee immigration from seven Islamic nations.

 However, this myopic and unthinking cabal always seems to choose for their protests venues  cities and areas with a populace sympathetic to the Left such as New York City (Hillary won 79% of the vote), Los Angeles (Hillary 71%) and Chicago (Hillary 84%) or on major college campuses.   All the while causing massive disruption and hardship for the local residents as the rest of the country watches in amusement.  On a helpful note, these agitators might want to have some sympathy for their fellow leftists and consider the waste of time and resources organizing protests over pet social and political issues about which the vast majority of Americans do not care about or find bizarre.  (At least in the 1960’s the Civil Rights Movement and protesting an ineptly prosecuted war in Vietnam had genuine public support.)   

The past two mid-terms and the 2016 election revealed that not only does the electorate find these demonstrations and their sponsors tedious and tiresome but the tolerance of the citizenry for calculated mayhem has worn thin.   As there are 42 months before the presidential election of 2020, the professional activist Left might want to rethink their strategy and focus on changing minds and hearts rather than being intolerable buffoons.

Along those same lines, in a massive comeback after many years in limbo, “Nazi” and “Fascist” are again the latest descriptive epithets for all conservatives, Republicans -- and whoever disagrees with the Left.   Unfortunately for the Progressive cabal, after eight years of Barack Obama and perpetual overuse in order to intimidate those opposed to Obama’s policies, the label “racist” is threadbare and is now largely meaningless.  Nonetheless, it succeeded in fomenting fear and coercion for many decades as racism or racist is essentially in the eye of the beholder and thus difficult to refute. 

However, notwithstanding that Nazi is an abbreviation for Nationalsozialist Deutsche Arbeiterpartie (National Socialist Workers Party), there are voluminous archives, images and film of their atrocities.  Other than in the fevered imagination of brain dead Leftist acolytes, it is, therefore, an impossibility to successfully conflate any noteworthy American political or social entity with Nazism or its ideological parent Fascism.   Another helpful hint for the radical Left hierarchy, rather than sitting around and regaling each other over their supposed brilliance, they need to commission the tenured denizens of university faculty lounges to come up with another memorable catch phrase to vilify the opposition over the next four years, as the current appellations, after just two weeks, are already inconsequential and useless.

Watching the Hollywood and showbiz glitterati obsessing over Trump has, frankly, been more amusing than most of what passes for entertainment these days.  How can anyone take Madonna seriously, other than herself, when she, amidst a profanity laced speech, claimed at the Women’s March that she has” thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”?  Or Robert DiNiro reiterating on February 2nd that “of course I want to punch him in the face” in reference to Trump. Or Whoopi Goldberg on the 1st of February claiming that Trump’s values are “really not much different than the Taliban.”  With the Grammys and the Academy Awards on the air over the next few weeks, more of this absurdity will be on display.  However, with Trump in the White House for the next 206 weeks I suggest the Hollywood and showbiz celebrities, in a new jobs program, hire more writers to inject some creativity into their inanities or boredom among their Twitter and Facebook followers will quickly set in.   

Lastly, the media.  The mainstream media, who gratuitously granted Trump nearly $3Billion in free campaign advertising last spring and summer in order to assure his nomination, are now beside themselves that he actually won and that they placed all their chips on the worst presidential candidate in modern political history -- Hillary Clinton.  For the first two weeks of the Trump presidency the media has repeatedly, breathlessly and hurriedly assured the American people of the facts on a policy or White House statement that turn out not to hold water once they are examined in the light of day.  It has been impossible to catalog the number of false and un-researched stories promulgated by the media over the past two weeks; however, John Nolte over at the Daily Wire did isolate 24 in just five days of the first week of the Trump presidency.

In light of the growing competition from so many other venues combined with a deep-seated mistrust by the citizenry, this is potentially going to be a long four-year nose-dive into oblivion for the mainstream media unless they get over their obsession with destroying or marginalizing Donald Trump to the detriment of integrity and truth in their reporting.   A word of advice: grow up and get out of the bubble you live in with all your likeminded compatriots.

So, thanks to all on the Left for a most entertaining two weeks.  One last helpful hint: All your tactics have become timeworn and your target audience jaded.  The day is rapidly approaching when you will, to your horror, actually have to win elections by debating ideas backed by self-evident truths.  Good Luck.

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