Liberals Now Getting a Taste of How the Obama Years Felt for Conservatives

Ah, the fear and leftist mob hysteria greeting President Donald J. Trump today!  It just keeps going on.

Sometimes it seems that our news mob agitation may never end, at least for this generation of leftists.  I would feel genuinely sorry for them if they hadn't been so sadistically mean during the Obama years.  But now we are seeing a kind of poetic justice in the shape of simple payback. 

This is the ancient tale of the biter bit, of mob political violence repaid in its own coin, and best of all, of the corrupt left-wing establishment getting what it so richly deserves. 

From the U.S., the Trump phenomenon is now visibly spreading to Europe, where genuine democratic leaders have been tarred as Nazis and fascists for decades by the usual socialist power elites.  (Obama is really a Euro-Socialist, because all of Marxist socialism started in Western Europe, even before Lenin and Mao destroyed the their countries by repeated "revolutionary" mob violence.  It's all there in our remaining genuine history books. You could look it up.)

Shakespeare, Molière, and Swift might have laughed themselves sick over this post-election season.  It may not look funny to us, but that's because most conservatives are civilized enough not to laugh at the just deserts of the left.  European satirists had seen this mob violence stirred by the power classes many, many times.  Shakespeare even put the vulgar mob into his play Julius Caesar, when Marc Anthony agitated the Roman mob against Brutus and the other assassins  of Caesar.  In Plutarch's history of Rome, which Shakespeare had read, Marc Anthony's mob agitation in Rome started a long and bloody civil war between the legions of Anthony and Brutus, splitting the Roman Empire. 

Mob agitation is an extremely ancient human sin, one often seen in the Muslim world, where mobs tend to riot, burn, and kill on Fridays after mosque sermons that enrage whole congregations against any convenient scapegoat. 

In the "House of Peace" (the Muslim world), mob violence is often whipped up by imams, mullahs, and their hired thugs.  In Iran, the regime's thugs, the Basiji, went into student demonstrations at the beginning of the Obama years to stab and maim college students demonstrating peacefully for the Green Revolution against the theocracy.  Obama did nothing whatsoever at that time, leaving the young demonstrators to the tender mercies of the mullahs.

Mob violence happens in Africa, Asia, and Europe.  It happened in the Indonesian Civil War in the years before Obama and his folks arrived in Jakarta.  At that time, the overseas Chinese became the scapegoats of the hour. 

At times, mob agitation also happens in the Americas, but our political culture – with the major exception of American blacks – has often been more peaceful.

Modern Americans have no idea how lucky they are, simply because our country was founded during the brief time of the Western Enlightenment, when ranting mobs were beaten down by reasonably peaceful authorities, like Napoleon Bonaparte after the French Revolution.  Napoleon rose to power at the head of the French Army when the common mob in Paris started to kill too many innocent people.  Bonaparte is often seen as an Enlightenment ruler in Europe, where he brought his Code Napoléon to the lands he conquered, all the way from Spain to Sweden. 

To be sure, Napoleon had to kill vast numbers of people while conquering their countries, but then he had his pleasanter side, too.  French leaders still take pride in the heritage of l'Empereur. 

A few electoral constitutions emerged from the Western Enlightenment, building political structures that claimed to govern with the consent of the governed.  The United States, Canada, and many former colonies happened to emerge at the right time, before European intellectuals fell in love with militarism, Marxism, and anarchism, all of them sure formulas for building tyrannical death cults.  

Liberals today are the puffed up moralizers of this age, much like the Puritans of old.  Contrary to their historically ignorant self image, they are not empathic, much less compassionate.  The core of the real left is always totalitarian.  We used to have real liberals in America, after Stalinists were driven out of most of the unions and colleges, but the Stalinists have made an obvious comeback.

Today's liberals are not prone to sympathize with conservatives about the radical Obama years.  Donald Trump is smart enough, but he is not an ideologue.  Not many successful business people are.  Donald J. Trump is a patriot, however, which is a much more profound and natural state of mind.

(Edmund Burke said all that more than two centuries ago during the Scottish Enlightenment, and Burke was much read in the British Isles, Ireland, and America.  But today, even "conservative thinkers" have forgotten Edmund Burke.  If they had bothered to reread their college textbooks, they would instantly see the Trump phenomenon in its true light.  As far as I can tell, our thinkers are as ignorant of political thought as the competition on the left.)

Well, this mob hysteria is going to last a long, long time, and my prediction is that hard leftists – i.e., the whole Democratic Party machine at this moment – will never find their vaunted compassionate side again.  Love and compassion can be seen all over the web for cute kitty-cat photos, but when it comes to a long and distinguished political philosophy like conservatism, you can fuggedaboutit.  

Intuitive conservatives – the kind of people Burke described so well – now turn  out to be at half of the American voters, give or take, depending on who turned out and how many dead people chose to vote in Chicago, Boston, New York, and Philly this time around.  Voter fraud?  Why voter fraud has been a winning formula for all the Democratic city machines in history, starting more than a century ago.  Michelle Obama is deeply versed in Chicago voter fraud, because her dad was a ward boss in Chi-City.  Voter fraud was his main business in life, which is how the mob and the Democrats – basically the same people – kept any other parties out of power for a century or more.

Voter fraud?  Now you're talking Mom and apple pie to the Alinsky left.  Obama himself never bothered to win a real election in Illinois, always managing to blackmail his opponents into resigning before the vote was ever taken.  Obama learned his politics under the tutelage of Emil Jones, the godfather of the Illinois machine. 

There are hundreds of jokes about the dear departed  voting for Democrats in Boston, Chicago, Philly, and New York.  Today we have millions of illegal voters – foreign nationals with unknown loyalties – voting wherever paid Democrat thugs can intimidate the wrong American voters. 

All the demagogic hullaballoo about Trump's plan to purge our corrupt voter registries is meant to scare and intimidate us.  The Dems are hopelessly corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.  Their real ideology is revealed by the fact that the Communist Party USA endorsed a Democrat for the first time in its history. 

For the CPUSA, Hillary was good enough for (you might say) government work.  They couldn't find anybody to her left, not even Bernie Sanders. 

The mass hysteria of the American left today is whipped up with ancient mob agitation methods, which were all too well known in Eastern Europe and Russia, being used by Vladimir Lenin, the Nazis, and many earlier mob leaders.  The same mob methods were constantly  utilized by the czars and other tyrannical rulers of Poland and surrounding countries.  They were also the methods used by the KKK against blacks after the Civil War, and they are identical to Saul Alinsky's little book of agitprop methods used by the hard left both here and there. 

Mob agitation is a cultural universal, it seems.  Even the stoic people of Iceland forced their government to resign for fiscal malfeasance a few years ago.  It takes a lot to rouse a mob in Iceland.  But with the rise of the web, mob agitation can now be instantly organized around the world.  The elementary school teacher who pretended to kill Donald Trump's image with a vicious water pistol is just one among thousands of saner members of the teaching profession.

That's how it is in America, 2017, and we'd better get used to it.  Until the alternative media reach as many Americans as the fakestream, mass mob agitation will be our daily fare.