Gorsuch Nomination a Moment of Validation for Reluctant Trump Voters

The inspired nomination of Judge Neal Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is, among other things, a moment of validation for the reluctant conservative Trump voter above all. It is frankly an embarrassing rebuke to the hard-headed #NeverTrump advocate to be sure, and yet, on the other extreme, this pick has nothing to do with the influence of the early adopting hard-core Trump support either. This, even as some who fit the latter category are embarrassing themselves in the media with childish sore winner triumphalism, not to mention a total lack of logic and history, over how the pick came to be. A sober study of the events leading to the pick of Judge Gorsuch makes it crystal clear that the Gorsuch pick, and in fact Trump's entire list of 21, was a reaction to, and a creation of, reluctant conservative supporters. I will connect these dots, but first, it is important to define a few terms -- and have a little fun. The #NeverTrump voter is pretty easy to identify. These...(Read Full Article)