Democrats Find a Use for Violence

Conservatives are torn these days.  We wake up happy and excited to read the headlines and see what great new thing Trump has done.  Then we're hit with images of thugs in black masks beating up Trump supporters.  It is very disturbing.

Democrats are scared stiff that Trump's sensible, practical polices will make our country safer, boost our economy, and deliver jobs to blacks and millennials.  That's why they are running around in pink hats and black masks, beating dissenters up literally or verbally. 

Democrats are rejecting the heart of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power via the ballot box. 

Democrat leaders says Trump has no right to enact the conservative policies we voted for, that our election victory is illegitimate.  They have embraced violence and violent rhetoric.  In Congress, senators boycotted committee meetings, forcing an emergency rule to move nominations forward.  Progressives are training government employees in passive resistance.  That will create another confrontation.  There is talk of impeachment before Trump is in office two weeks.

This is not the 1960s.  This is not a mass movement protesting an unpopular war or supporting civil rights legislation.  We have Obama's community agitation, not Martin Luther King's nonviolent resistance. 

Via powerlineblog, The Week in Pictures.

It is hard to claim the moral high ground when men in black masks beat a Trump supporter unconscious, sending him to the hospital with a concussion.  They are "protesting" Americans' right to vet Syrian refugees. 

The professional agitators at Berkeley didn't stop with setting things on fire.  They, too, bloodied Trump supporters, including women, beating them with poles.  They are "protesting" Republican students' right to listen to a speaker of their choice.

These ugly assaults are live-streamed and go viral.  Do Democrats really think this will hurt Trump and not them? 

Oddly, the answer is yes.

 V.P. candidate Tim Kaine called for fighting in the streets, and former President Barack Obama praised the black-masked pro-Syrian protesters' "level of engagement" and declared through his spokesman that this is "exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake."  Obama previously told reporters that he and Michelle will be devoting themselves to funding, training, and organizing left-wing agitators – what he calls community activists.  As a supporter of Black Lives Matter and the international BDS movement, mob violence is precisely Obama's definition of democracy in action.

Democrats are not trying to win people to their side.  Their strategy has four strategic goals: keep their followers in line, shut conservatives up, make Trump seem extreme, and provoke a national crisis.  They have ambitious goals.  They hope to end Trump's presidency.

It is evident that the left, with the active cooperation of the news media, wishes to drive Trump from office. Nothing will sate the left or get them to calm down into a recognizably responsible opposition force.  And why shouldn't the left think this can succeed? It has worked before. They bagged two presidents in succession back in the 1960s and 1970s – Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

First, progressive violence reinforces the messages of identity politics, to keep their side from hemorrhaging support.  Identity politics is pandering, yes, promising special treatment for special groups, but it is also a control mechanism.  Are you one of the kind, caring Democrats, or not?  Moderate Democrats actually like Trump's ideas on immigration, but they can't picture themselves switching over and joining the mean, racist Republicans.  It's not who they are, and their friends would freak out.  Demonization works in reinforcing bonds of identification.

Second, Democrats liked it better before Trump, when conservatives kept their heads down and their mouths shut.  The violence is meant to silence and intimidate us.  Will people start thinking twice about putting on a MAGA hat?  Ask any conservative black or Jew or college kid how comfortable it is for him to express himself among liberal friends.  You need a backbone of steel to do it. 

Democrat power relies on millions of unpaid thought police.  Democrats demonize and bully their conservative friends on social media, in personal conversations, at family dinners.  Sportscasting is now part of the social bullying.  Hollywood is doubling down.  The escalation into violence against Trump and his supporters encourages the bullying to continue. 

Third, violent speech and actions by Democrats are meant to define Trump's policies as abnormal.  See all the violence Trump's extreme policies are creating?  Pay no attention to your own thoughts that vetting Muslims from jihadi countries makes sense, or that Trump's focus on job creation is appealing.  Even iconic liberals like Bill Maher and Sam Harris are straying off the reservation and openly saying Obama's Muslim immigration and refugee policy was nuts.

Maher then stated, "But also, you're not automatically a racist if you have concerns about assimilation." Harris agreed, adding, "[Y]ou don't have to be a fascist, or a racist, or, even a Trumpian to not want to import people into your society who think cartoonists should be killed for drawing the prophet, right? That's a totally rational thing not to want, and the left has been demonizing anyone who will talk about this."

The fourth strategic goal: provoke a national crisis.  Democrats seem to be doing their best to provoke a law and order reaction and get some video that will bring down Trump: police in riot gear mowing down the violent protesters.  I imagine them thinking hopefully of a dead co-ed, a repeat of the tragedy at Kent State.  If Democrats can provoke a police overreaction, they could set off riots.  More people will be hurt and killed, but it will be good politically.

Democrats usually signal their Machiavellian intentions well in advance.  The meme this week over the 120-day visa halt was "constitutional crisis."  Trump will have to watch his every step, because Democrats with pitchforks are waiting to get him.  They are not giving up power peacefully.

"We are here tonight because it is a constitutional crisis," said Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren at a protest outside the Supreme Court Monday night.

"A constitutional crisis," said Democratic Sen. Cory Booker as he joined demonstrators at Dulles Airport Saturday night.

"A constitutional crisis," said Virginia Democratic Rep. Don Beyer when he arrived at Dulles Sunday.

Meanwhile, conservatives are still breaking open bottles of champagne with friends and toasting our new president.  We can't believe how just plain impressive his nominations have been.  Trump and his Cabinet and Supreme Court pick seem committed to shrinking government overreach and returning America to fiscal sanity and constitutional limits.  The stock market is booming, even unions are happy, and business has regained confidence.  Jihadis are no longer welcome into our country, and the Iranians and Chinese and Russians are being put on notice their military adventurism will no longer be condoned.  Everywhere we look, Trump is keeping his campaign promises and more, doing so in a better way than we ever dared hope.

This is a happy moment for us and for our country, a time of great promise.

Trump will continue fighting Democrat obstructionism, politically and in the courts, while forging ahead with his own constructive policies.  The more successful he is, the more Democrats will foment violence. 

Some Americans will end up hurt, beat up, and perhaps worse.  Democrats don't care.  Republicans are non-persons; their bloodied faces and concussions are acceptable collateral damage for Democrat power politics.  Our police will eventually have to get involved, and confrontations will escalate. 

We booted the Democrats out of office, and they are kicking us back – not metaphorically, but with bricks and sticks and firebombs.  This is not responsible leadership.  Democrats' violent refusal to accept their loss of the presidency and Congress should be a national scandal.