Chris Matthews and SPLC Fall for Hoax Even the NYT Says Is a Lie...Again

Chris Matthews and the Goofy Looking Dude from the Southern Poverty Law Center have a point: We do not have any evidence Donald Trump did not personally knock over 200 headstones in a Jewish graveyard in St. Louis. But they were sure if Trump did not do it, then some of his supporters did and everyone knows that. The further from St. Louis you get, the less insane that sounds. Because in St. Louis, large-scale vandalism and criminality is a black thing -- not a political thing.  The Trump tombstone desecration was just the warmup. Chris and the Goofy Looking Dude said Trump and his ilk have been responsible for gajillions of acts of hatred and violence against everybody except white men, starting the day after the election. In most newscasts, this is usually the time when they run a video that supports at least a  little bit what they said. This they did not do, at least not at first. But when they did get around to giving a specific...(Read Full Article)