Capitulating to Black Racism

President Trump has a surprising solution to black violence and the enormous gap between white people and black people in America: Same-old, same-old. The scene of this epic capitulation was the Oval Office, where this week a posse of black executives from black colleges were happy that the same guy they have vilified for two years seems oddly eager to let bygones be bygones. Every person in that room knew Trump had only two choices: 1) Grab the entire system of racial preferences and quotas by the stem and pull it out by the roots; or 2) Pretend that system does not promote black on white hostility and violence, and double down with more preferences, more quotas, more stories of relentless black victimization and white racism. Trump chose Number 2. Which is nothing more than a repeat of many other “solutions” for the “problems” of black colleges and black students over the last 100 years: More money. More special treatment. Lower...(Read Full Article)