A Brief and Appalling History of the Department of Education

Congratulations to Secretary DeVos.  She will now roll up her sleeves and work to ensure that our children receive the education they deserve, and not the education they have been receiving for a long, long time.  We know that she wants to begin by devolving a good portion of the responsibility for education from the federal bureaucracy to the states. As noted by E. Jeffrey Ludwig in American Thinker on February 9, 2017, "Federalism in the area of education with its restored respect for state authority is the key to change and progress."  But this will just be a start, not the end.  It is time to resuscitate the Constitution of the United States vis-à-vis the responsibility for education. There has never been a constitutional basis for any federal control over education in the states.  National government control of education is a constitutional travesty, a regulatory nightmare, a burden on the states' and the people's budgets,...(Read Full Article)