Time for a Look Back at Buzzfeed Ben Smith’s Biggest Fail

See also: Ben Smith and the Memory Hole Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith has had a rough week. As the man who decided to publish the “secret dossier” about Donald Trump’s alleged hijinks in Moscow, he has suffered the ultimate indignity of having even MSNBC call him out for publishing fake news. Earlier he sent a note to Buzzfeed staff explaining his decision. “Our presumption is to be transparent in our journalism and to share what we have with our readers,” he wrote. “We have always erred on the side of publishing.” If true, Ben Smith has come a long way from the Ben Smith who once wrote for Politico. There, in 2008, Smith helped spike a story that could have undone Obama’s candidacy, a story that was hugely more credible than the golden shower fable out of Moscow. In 2012, he helped spike a more elaborate version of the same story. The story involved the late Percy Sutton, a widely respected African American entrepreneur and...(Read Full Article)