The Marxist Cult of Destiny, 2016

Smart conservatives immerse themselves in the real world. Liberals do not. Which is why we can take Trump’s more outrageous utterances as hyperbolic exaggerations, while Libs are convinced that Trump is a Demon from Hell. It would be funny if it weren’t so destructive and sad.

Because we are so focused on the real world, we keep forgetting how fantasy-driven the Left really is. But it should not surprise us. The Left really believes its otherworldly dreams. As with orthodox Marxists, the Left adamantly believes it is “Progressive,” implying that its adherents know the inevitable and virtuous outcome of history. In the Soviet Union the Party truly believed every five years that Stalin’s commands to fix agriculture were bound to work this time around. They never worked, and Moscow would punish the guilty parties, suffering from a “delusion of control” that they could predict how the laboring peasants would behave, or what impact new technology would have, and at one point, how the genetics of what and potatoes could be controlled by centralized command. Stalin’s favorite “agronomist,” Trofim Lysenko, peddled the lie that crops could be forced to grow bigger. Stalin believed Lysenko’s delusion, and as a result the peasants were punished for not magicking new species of wheat and potatoes into being. Naturally millions of people died of starvation.

The Party was bitterly disappointed after every Five-Year Plan, but Moscow would whip up the masses again for the next Plan, and millions of people had to go along. Lenin and Stalin killed tens of millions of “rich peasants” without ever learning how to feed their country.

Today, ordinary people cannot see how delusional the Democratic “mainstream” has become. Conservatives know about the crumbling of the Soviet Empire 27 years ago, but the Dems have either forgotten it, or never knew about it (our education is pathetic), or simply fantasized that this time, this time the forces of “progress” were bound to prevail.* When you control the Organs of Propaganda, as the Democrats have done since the 1970s, you start believing your own b*s, as our recent beloved leader once said. Obama’s plainly delusional statements — how Muslims helped to found the United States, for one, and how bootstrap entrepreneurs “didn’t build that,” are the words of a deeply indoctrinated and dissociated man.

Nobody can predict social, economic and political change, and nobody can know if the current collection of liberal nostrums is actually going to mean “progress.” The Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade looks increasingly dreadful as we find out more about the Left’s denial that late-term abortions actually kill babies.

In the last week some brain-dead liberal denied that the fetal heartbeat is a real thing. Apparently they have never watched sonograms of a baby’s heart in utero, which can now be seen with remarkable accuracy. Not just the fetal heart, but the fetal brain grows very quickly in utero. What was traditionally called “the quickening” is very real, when the baby starts to move and kick, make facial expressions, and responds to the Mom’s singing.

As usual, liberals can’t even imagine the possibility that they might be wrong. This is of a kind with their other anti-scientific fantasies of catastrophic, man-made climate change.

The idea of worshipping a weather god goes back long before writing was invented, and today anthropologists consider that phenomenon to be a “cultural universal.” Every traditional tribe has its own weather-changing rituals. Liberals are just an overgrown tribal cult. We usually tolerate liberal superstitions, but they are only superstitions.

Napoleon believed himself to be a Man of Destiny, like Hitler and Stalin. In our time, Obama and Hillary harbor the same delusional belief. It’s pathetic, but it’s very, very real. Grandiose narcissists often manage to convince their followers, so the group reinforces the delusion of Divine Destiny. Obama and Hillary are just slightly different from the sad, scruffy guy in downtown Chicago yelling at passersby that “the end is near!”

It seems that neither Hillary nor Obama have broken the spell, and that both of them are still fantasizing a return to fame and power. This is a neurotic repetition compulsion, and a president who can’t tell reality from fantasy is dangerous.