Obama: The Symptom of a Greater Ailment

Donald Trump often reprises the phrase "make America great again."  "Great" is an adjective whose meaning is specific only within the context of its use.  Relative to Obama's eight-year lecture and self-congratulatory tour, on balance, President Trump will make America better, but not great as it once was.  We might have reached a threshold of divergent worldviews that will forever preclude our becoming again what we once were.

A nation, once a singularity, uniquely founded, a "city on a hill" among the nations of the world, has devolved into a nation in the midst of an ideological, sniveling and shouting civil war.  Its founding documents and formed governing bodies reflected Christian values to those ends of living freely in responsible speech and action.  Most importantly, they reflected the reality of human nature, which the Founders knew from observation needs wise and balanced governance commensurate with the liberty of the individual's pursuit of happiness.  And God blessed that nation.

It's good to review the nut of our historic beginnings before no one remembers it anymore.

Judeo-Christian values were generally inculcated into the culture by the church, families, and education; people informed their lives by them.  Though there was always present the individual freedom of thought and expression to reject the tenets of orthodox Christianity, most generally abided by them within the realms of civic discourse.  De Tocqueville noted that there was a sense of common grace.  But academia, culture, the family, and even churches lurched off into the weedy ditch of relative values.  The seeds of the Enlightenment – "rational thought" and human pride, inherently anti-faith – had blown west and rooted.  Though repeatedly built throughout history, they have always failed – another Tower of Babel.  We have watched the bricks being carried in for over sixty years now.

Differences in the body politic in our nation's past were primarily in the processes and in the means to an end, but not in the goals that most had in common for themselves and the republic.  That is no longer true.  We've just come through eight years of lies, obfuscation, extreme partisanship, unconstitutional and unlawful actions, and divisive non-leadership.  One can quickly tick off more than several scandals the "no-scandal" administration has had; ditto for the ISIS-inspired "no attacks" the administration has just claimed.

As others have, Newt Gingrich claims that Obama was first the anti-American president.  But then, on what creditable basis did this man get elected...twice? 

To the last half-century of fifty to sixty million abortions has been added the redefining of the basic and indivisible unit of societal fabric from history past – marriage between a man and a woman and the family that follows.  Further attacks on natural distinctions have of late come from the American Psychiatric Association (APA)'s changing the diagnosis of the "transgender" individual from a disorder to an accepted (meaning no therapy needed – normal) "gender dysphoria" in the APA's Diagnostic and Statistics Manual.  Does this follow science or an agenda to create a pseudo-reality?  A Johns Hopkins psychiatrist, Dr. Paul McHugh, in his article "Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme" says this is wrong, that it is still a disorder, and that these individuals need therapy.

While the left is no monolith of thought or capacity – many who follow it seem to develop their opinions from watching Oprah; The View; or, hardly better, the alphabet media – it's clear that we've reached an effective threshold of a well funded, fulminating cabal of elites who hate the America that was and want to destroy the America that still is.  It's no longer about the means or processes; it's about the endgame.  True conservatives and the Marxist-socialist, post-modernist left no longer have anything in common other than both being intransigent, ideological opponents with completely different worldviews.  Meanwhile, during Obama's run, the Republican establishment has been rope-a-doped and become terminally timorous in the face of the new Axis of Evil: the left-mainstream media.

Modernism and now post-modernism reject God, devalue the individual while suggesting equal outcomes for control, reject traditional values, and cannot admit to the black of evil or the white of truth on their gray-spectrum palette of values.  Thus, the left construct their own reality and wishes it to dominate and control every aspect of life.  Nothing matters but that goal – not the means or the words they speak toward that end.  Speak a lie often enough, repeat it frequently enough, and it becomes the desired reality.  Segregate speech into "go" and "no-go" political fashions, not by truth, civility, or appropriateness.  Attempt to shame and intimidate by throwing out labels like racist, misogynist, Islamophobe, etc.  Create crises for consolidation of power and control – e.g., climate change.

A good deal of the left are now flailing about in the throes of decompensation, as evidenced by their absolute and total post-election failure to understand what happened.  Not only was Hillary Clinton arguably the worst presidential candidate ever nominated, but President Obama and his administration and policies were totally and utterly repudiated.  That's not to mention that other part of the splenetic cabal: the alphabet media.  But always being true to who he is, President Obama has continued his self-congratulatory, medal-awarding tour while intimating that Hillary and Russia were to blame for the election foozle.

During the last year and a half of the presidential campaign, "America's best days are still ahead of her" (paraphrase mine) was frequently heard, and President-Elect Donald Trump's chief slogan was "we're going to make America great again."   It's doubtful without deep cleaning, though I hope I am wrong.  A republic can stand and function only with a moral and informed voting citizenry.

As Thomas Jefferson put it: "Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever."

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