Obama Still Doesn’t Get America

President Obama came as a stranger, and is leaving as a stranger.

The Obama presidency has been different from any other administration in the last two centuries. From the start, he has gone out of his way to defy the very essence of the American Republic, our constitutional limits on the power of any single dictatorial individual. Under Obama, the US Congress and even the Supreme Court have failed to assert their constitutional independence, presumably out of fear of this president and the accusations of racism that followed opposition to him or his policies.

According to the Supreme Court, Obamacare was a tax bill when Obamacare’s fines for not buying insurance was an issue before it, but suddenly became not a tax bill when passed by Congress, because it originated in the Senate, while tax bills must originate in the House, according to our Constitution. Congressional Republicans curled up in fetal positions, and even the Permanent Government in DC, including the CIA, FBI, IRS and DOJ, all failed in keep their reputations for integrity. Even many states bowed down to the dictates of DC. Large corporations either outsourced to other countries or treated Washington, DC like a Third World Dictatorship. Silicon Valley kissed the grungy ground in abject worship of Dear Leader.

Nobody has explained those failures of normal American governance to the people of this country. Nobody can guarantee to us that Obama, or his clone, is not going to be back in some way. We can’t even get him out of DC. He will clearly try to cling to power, maybe by running Michelle as his cat’s paw, as Bill Clinton did. Hillary was duly worshiped by the Establishments of left and right, people who have totally lost the essence of the US Constitution. Running a married political couple for president is simply asking for a 16-year presidential coup d’etat, and the Hill-Billy couple came within a hair’s breadth of two double terms in office.

Obama has been frequently described as a “professor of constitutional law,” but he has never shown a single sign of appreciation, care or even understanding of the US Constitution. For Obama, the US Constitution is just an obstacle to be circumvented or simply ignored. A few weeks ago he told us that the Electoral College is “outdated” apparently because the American States are now largely under the thumb of the Feds. The Electoral College was originally designed to give States a voice in the election of the Chief Executive of the nation.

My interpretation of his casual put-down was this: The States used to be the major unit of governance in America, subordinate only to the US Constitution. But today the power-hungry left has succeeded in slicing our people by race, by gender, by class, by favorite sexual objects, and now by religion -- if one considers Islam as mainly a religion rather than as a theology of conquest. (It is both). In Obama’s mind, maybe the Electoral College should represent his favorite demographics: blacks, liberal whites, gays and lesbians, and so on. Those artificial “identity blocks” are what he really cares about. He has no conception of human beings as an “ethnos,” a people with its own enduring character, who make up what used to be called the “melting pot” of American democracy.


Today the left-establishment is happily scapegoating white guys because of their race, gender, and sexual preferences. Such is the domestic peace Obama has left us.  Racial politics inevitably turns to anti-Semitism at some point, since Jews make natural mob targets. Our universities are becoming unsafe for Jewish students and faculty. I have seen it coming for decades.


And waddayaknow, Obama has capped his slew of anti-American outrages by moving to delegitimize the State of Israel in the jihadophiliac United Nations.


It’s pretty clear that Obama is doing all that with an eye to the future. When (not if) he is nominated to be Sec General of the UN, he will have 57 votes from Muslim nations, plus the votes of European countries that are already submitting to Jihad.


No other president in US history, not even FDR with his four elections, nor Wilson in WWI, nor Lincoln in the Civil War, has shown such utter contempt for the most successful long-term electoral government in human history. Obama has never bothered to hide his contempt for the Constitution.


In all those ways he came as a stranger to our most revered political values, and he is leaving exactly the same way.


He has learned nothing.


You and I might heave a sigh of relief that in a two weeks Obama is going to be out of power, and that Hillary lost. But constitutional government will be in danger as long as cultural Jihado-Marxism controls so many centers of American life. Obama’s plain failure to learn anything about constitutional government reflects the alienation of the academic left and its friends in Saudi Arabia and Europe.


The leftstream is watching the rise of Trump, and Trump-like politicians in Britain and Europe; they call it “populism,” with a wink to Hitler in the 1930s; but electoral legitimacy under the Constitution is precisely the secret of our popular stability and prosperity since 1789, when our foundational law was adopted.


Obama still wants to be King, and he wants it by hook or by crook. He therefore continues to pose an ongoing danger to the American Republic, and will for the remainder of his life. He is not our friend, and never was.

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