Obama: Jihadophile

Before World War 2, the German Bund played a big role in American politics, generating sympathy for German-Americans, and even for the Kaiser and the Hitler regime, at least until Pearl Harbor.

But in the end, in both world wars, Americans of German ancestry played very pro-American roles, a fact that cannot be forgotten.  General Ike Eisenhower was only one among many.

Nevertheless, it was true for some time that the Bund attracted Americans who identified with the Kaiser in WWI and with Hitler in WWII.  I also know of a German-American who went to France before the U.S. entered WWI to drive an ambulance at the front, a very dangerous assignment, and received the Croix de Guerre from France.  Many German-Americans were passionately pro-American.

Historically, many Germans came to the United States as refugees from the usual tyrannies, and of course, Jewish Australians and Germans were a major influence on the Manhattan Project.  Albert Einstein was a Swiss citizen when he fled to the U.S., and Leo Szilard was a Jewish Hungarian who actually called the FDR White House on behalf of Einstein to explain the real possibility of a nuclear bomb.

Since the Hitler and Tojo regimes were working on nuclear weapons as well, it was a matter of life or death for the U.S. (and the Brits) to develop a nuclear device first.

The left always twists history – it's a principal pillar of leftists' power.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki have now been added to our long list of historical sins, the liberation of African slaves being conveniently forgotten.  But Einstein was a lifelong, passionate pacifist, who still sent the key message about The Bomb to the White House.  He was hardly a militarist; he just faced a tough moral dilemma and ended up doing the right thing.

As a nation of immigrants, we've always have ethnic groups who sympathized with other countries, including declared enemies.  We've always known it, and taken adequate measures to avoid subversion and sabotage.  Our melting pot of nations has responded well: Japanese-Americans often fought with exceptional bravery on our side.

But it is suicidal to ignore the possibility that there may be a jihad equivalent of the modern German Bund, with many enemy sympathizers.

One of them is named Barack Hussein Obama, who showed us in a thousand ways that he took the side of jihad against civilization.  That is a sad and shocking fact.  But it is a fact.  (See our previous columns for scores of examples.)

If you are wondering why Foggy Bottom is being purged today, and why the CIA will soon receive a similar treatment, the answer should be clear enough.  Just as in the Stalin period, the State Department under Hillary (ably assisted by Muslim Brotherhood loyalist Huma Abedin) allowed the SecState to set up her own insecure email system, to which only Hillary's circle had access, and which was obviously used to trade State Department goodies for big money to the Clinton Foundation, including oil-rich jihadist Arab Gulf regimes and probably Iran.  This is clear criminal conduct, even if the Trump DOJ chooses to turn a blind eye.

Today, jihadists from the Saudi Wahhabis and the Shiite branches of Islam have already killed Americans with barbaric hate-driven attacks on thousands of civilians, beginning with the 1993 Twin Towers bombing.  The blind media tell us jihadist terror has not taken as many lives (yet) as the bubonic plague – or whatever – but wars should be fought to prevent carnage, not just to retaliate for it.  And when it comes to carnage and genocide, the enemy has a long, long record of horrific crimes against humanity.

According to our highest-level public source, Admiral James Lyons (USN, ret.), jihadist infiltration in the U.S. government started as early as the late '60s and early '70s, when the newly rich OPEC regimes began a jihad-driven campaign of infiltration, immigration, subversion, blackmail, and simple bribery of big politicians and media in Europe and the U.S.  Jihad successfully deprived Europe and the US of our normal, rational caution about war theologies that hate us, on the model of Japan's Divine Emperor Cult.

Jihad terrorism is not new; it has simply been shrewder than General Tojo.  Scratch a hysterical snowflake on any campus, and you find a jihadophile.  Ask any Democrat politician, and you get a passionate defense of jihad's God-given right to infiltrate and sabotage our national security.

Since the left no longer believes in anything, especially American security, leftists have forged a close alliance with the rich and clever forces of jihad.  It all comes under the heading of enlightened "globalism."  The other phrase for globalism is "war against America."

Islamophobia has never been a problem in the U.S., contrary to that well financed P.R. campaign.  Our clear and present danger is jihadophilia, a suicidal doctrine that sucks in useful idiots by the millions.  The New York Times and WaPo add millions more dunderheads.  It's no wonder that Michael Scheuer, a bin Laden fan, was actually put in charge of the CIA bin Laden desk during the Clinton years, in the run-up to 09/11/01.  The CIA never acted against him and, in fact, permitted him to do his book tours.  All that suggests deep penetration of the CIA by jihad.

The fact is that we've been deeply infiltrated by an ancient anti-American, anti-modern, and anti-human rights theology of world conquest.

You might read that sentence again if it comes as news.  You might even send it to friends who have fallen for the cruel joke.  It explains why Trump's purge of the upper levels of the State Department is absolutely necessary.  FDR purged the upper ranks of the military after Pearl Harbor, but George W. Bush actually expanded the "intelligence community" after 09/11/01.  Massive failure was a  career enhancer.

When the media-Democrat complex comes out against American self-defense, please don't believe Chuck Schumer's crocodile tears.  Chuck knows exactly what this is about and is merely playing for the biggest money and influence peddlers. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem – and that includes the pro-Jihad Democrat-Media complex.

Google president Eric Schmidt is appalled, simply appalled by our elementary steps for self-defense.  But it was Google's V.P. of North African sales who helped to run the "Arab Spring" campaign in Egypt, which brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt – and not by accident.  Google has been an Obama tool for years, with Schmidt making numerous visits to the Obama White House.  Other Silicon sultans, as Drudge dubs them, are in on the scam as well, which means our email and web security is full of potential holes.  Any of Google's mind-washed little hackers can penetrate whatever electronic security you think you have.

Obama is a jihadophile.  He has made that clear in a thousand different ways during his eight years, enough time to plant agents and suborn U.S. government personnel.  No wonder we couldn't do anything effective to resist jihad; Obama even refused to use the words "Islamic terrorism."  But he is still beloved by a veritable snowpack of campus flakes.

Exposing the real enemy is only the first step in national defense.  Fighting the enemy is a next step, and even today the Democrats and EuroSocialists are self-righteously refusing to do that.

In Churchill's words, this is not the end of the war.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  It may be the end of the beginning.

It will require a lot of truth-telling, and a real mobilization of our national will, not to mention major resources, to stuff that evil genie back in the lamp. It has been done before, when the Ottoman Empire lost in World War I.  That led to half a century of secularization and rationality in Turkey. It can be done again.  But if the civilized world can't arouse itself from its cowardly apathy, we are looking at complete and utter disaster – back to the 6th-century desert.

If you don't care, consider your children and grandchildren.  And consider the fate of the last, great hope of mankind in the years to come.