Obama is sabotaging Russian-American rapprochement

Barack Obama is not a standard American president. For one thing, he has made it very clear that he considers the US Constitution, the greatest blessing of this land, to be an easily trashed piece of paper. Abe Lincoln would have disagreed, but then what did Lincoln know? Today's Marxo-Jihadists, who rule our campuses with a reign of PC terror, agree with Obama, and that's all that counts. Dump the Constitution and follow shari'a law, especially you feminists.... So what is Obama doing by imitating his (false) idea of Senator Joe McCarthy. My, my, Dear Leader is suddenly down on Vladimir Putin. What a surprise.  For "evidence" Mr. Obama trots out phony reports attributed to the CIA and FBI, which are totally under his thumb. Mr. Putin isn't taking the bait, because he has a lifetime spent learning about provokatsya as a tool of Soviet pressure politics. And Putin has rejected Communism in favor of the Russian Orthodox Church, with the...(Read Full Article)