Obama is sabotaging Russian-American rapprochement

Barack Obama is not a standard American president. For one thing, he has made it very clear that he considers the US Constitution, the greatest blessing of this land, to be an easily trashed piece of paper. Abe Lincoln would have disagreed, but then what did Lincoln know? Today's Marxo-Jihadists, who rule our campuses with a reign of PC terror, agree with Obama, and that's all that counts. Dump the Constitution and follow shari'a law, especially you feminists....

So what is Obama doing by imitating his (false) idea of Senator Joe McCarthy. My, my, Dear Leader is suddenly down on Vladimir Putin. What a surprise. 

For "evidence" Mr. Obama trots out phony reports attributed to the CIA and FBI, which are totally under his thumb. Mr. Putin isn't taking the bait, because he has a lifetime spent learning about provokatsya as a tool of Soviet pressure politics.

And Putin has rejected Communism in favor of the Russian Orthodox Church, with the approval of more than half of the Russian public, which has traumatic memories of deadly Stalin persecutions, priest killing and church-burnings of the Orthodox faithful. Mr. Putin makes very sure to put his photos with the Patriarch of Moscow on the web, to assure his people that Stalin's persecutions will not happen on his watch. And he promises instant castration to any jihadis who might make trouble (especially the Chechens). 

Trump and his foreign policy team are completely familiar with modern, post-Soviet Russia. It's not a Jeffersonian democracy, but neither are we any more. Russia is a modern mix of Tsarism and realpolitik, something much better than under Stalin, and more economically wise than under Gorbachev. Putin is a pragmatist. 

Now look at the world from his point of view. Europe is falling before a jihadist onslaught, and hasn't learned even to protect its borders from them, as Japan does. Japan simply does not allow Muslim immigrants into the country. A very traditional solution to protect the homeland. 

The US is a nation of immigrants, as we all know, but the Left says nothing about our constant protection of the borders before Obamanoia and Clintonitis took hold. Today's liberal leftists (LLs) are completely ignorant of American history, and the average LL actually believes we took in every Typhoid Mary from Europe and South America. What do you think Ellis Island was for? It was a quarantine station as well as port of entry where the Irish, the Germans, the Jews, the Dutch and all the other nationals were questioned by immigration officers, who thereupon often gave them completely Americanized names. So Boris Dzyugashvili became Bernard Miller and liked it. Since they often came from miserable countries they took to their new names and new identities. (Sort of the opposite of Barry Soetoro becoming Obama). 

Donald Trump happens to be very well-informed, having gone to military school and the Whaton Schoolo of Finance, and spending all his life negotiating with hotel and construction people from foreign places like Scotland, where he has his big golf course. You can't do that for forty years without learning. So he did. 

Trump's cabinet is possibly the best since Dwight David Eisenhower, who took his appointments seriously. 

So The Donald and Putin have been talking about a US-Russian common front against Jihad. Obama is a jihadophile, and now we can see why he dropped the PR hammer on Putin, who supposedly hacked and leaked Podesta’s stash to Wikileaks. The big O is planting a narrative that he will repeat over and over again during the Trump tenure, to keep his faithful followers in their favorite cult delusion worshipping him. Dumping on Trump and Putin guarantees a Saudi money supply, and support from deeply disinformed campus Marxists, as well as black Americans who haven't gotten the joke yet. 

Obama loves power, and the only thing better than a lot of power is more power. That is his reason for being, and the end of his term has seen him getting more and more irritable and depressed. That's how he is. 

Now he has found the solution. The Obama of the future is going to be President-for-Life, maybe by running Michelle (Bill Clinton did it that way), or some other stooge, or maybe he will finagle a way to become President of the World by getting nominated to be Sec Gen of the UN. 

Which is why he is publicly shafting Israel today, knowing that this moment will be celebrated by all the Muslim throwbacks in the world. They will remember it in eight years and give him plenty of political money and clout. The average American voter today is amazingly uninformed, unlike any other generation of Americans. Don't think Obama doesn't know that. 

Meanwhile Big O is doing his best to mess up any rapprochement between Trump and Putin. If the US and Russia were to unite, jihad would be beaten back, perhaps as far back as World War I, when the Ottoman Caliphate crashed.