Liberals Awake from 8-Year Moral Coma

For eight years, the voices of what passes for morality on the left were utterly silent as the values of generations of Americans were flushed down the drain.  Those Americans whose desires, experiences and values differed from the leftist elite were treated as worthless garbage, no longer necessary to the imminent liberal utopia, except as a source of revenue.  Christianity was treated like a virus to be extinguished, or revised and controlled to accommodate leftist ideology.  Speech that offended the shameless was branded as hateful, and those daring to openly object to the onslaught of vice and immorality were falsely smeared with every vile epithet the liberals could conjure.  Rights were relegated to what Democrats were willing to grant their enemies, but we were never going to be entitled to privileges they reserved to themselves.

Our nation has been assaulted for eight long years by those who contributed nothing of substance to its successes, but were eager to pillage its resources to fund and advance their political agenda.  Every means possible to offend and marginalize their political opposition was employed, so that decent people were called racists, “phobes,” haters, deniers, liars, morons, bullies, and many unprintable things, all for wishing to have a say in what was being done to them by the left, and for possibly stopping the moral, philosophical and physical violence that have always been tools of leftist overthrow.

Few, if any, leftists/liberals/socialists/Democrats seemed troubled by what was done by them, or on their behalf by those they put into political office, or by those who appointed themselves cultural spokesmen.  It was perfectly American, as they saw it, to smear, defame, slander, coerce, intimidate, fine and even jail those who refused allegiance to a movement premised upon anarchy and social collapse.  They were winning, after all, so they got to be the team and the referee, and they made up the rules.  In their minds, nothing existed of the United States before eight years ago, and this country consisted only of what they turned it into.  With their president at the helm, they tried to remake America into a giant version of themselves, soulless and amoral.  They tried to make it un-American.   

Suddenly, however, with their political triumph derailed, they have emerged from their self-induced moral coma to pretend they have conscience.  Now, after eight years of neglect, fraud, manipulation, scandal, deception, cheating and tyranny, they have found their voices.  Now we are treated to an endless chorus of newly virtuous voices, uniting in purity to stop the coming disaster of representative government under the sway of someone other than an America-hating, Israel-hating, Constitution-hating, Iran-loving, terrorist-enabling ruler with a pen and a phone, willing to do anything as long as it was destructive to this country and all it has stood for over generations.

We are awash in leftist, progressive, liberal mystics, telling us through tears and in panicked tones exactly what Donald Trump’s presidency will look like and how it will end, before he has held the job for even one second.  In hysterics, they speak of the un-American things Trump will do in the future, and how “afraid” the leftists are of someone whose personal history shows no hint of the things they predict.   Bruce Springsteen expresses his concerns about competence, and the newly dark dynamic that Trump allegedly brings to politics.   Robert Reich produces instructional videos for mindless liberals about how Trump controls the media message, which is a harbinger of tyranny.   Where have these people been for eight years?

As we hear each of these predictions, some of us are struck by a recurring sense of deja vu.  It’s as if we’ve already seen all the chaos and mayhem that they predict will occur, not just once but innumerable times.  Indeed, it almost feels like we can trace the beginning of our deja vu back eight years, before a man with no identifiable accomplishments to his name other than being half-black and hip eluded all scrutiny before his election as president; before race relations were destroyed for political profit; before people lost their livelihoods for not bending to government coercion; before people lost their health insurance on the basis of lies; before anti-white racism became fashionable; before the press was merely an extension of the Democratic Party; before our military and security were sacrificed to social justice; before our college students became simpering toddlers without an original thought; before our country sold out to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood; before science was rendered meaningless in order to advance political goals; before we ignored laundry lists of felonies by Democrats; before it was cool to assassinate police; before our southern border was erased; before those same liberals tacitly invited every terrorist who could walk or say “refugee” to enter our country, plant roots, and plan the inevitable attacks; and before our president and his followers became the laughingstock of the civilized world. 

Suddenly, after eight years in which their secret mantra seems to have been “Make America Hate Again,” they protest that the notion of stopping their immoral destruction of our country is itself immoral and hateful.  Many of us have noticed that the damage they forecast, the shredding of our national fabric, has been well underway for eight years, and that their unhinged reaction to being stopped from finishing the job is far more morally disgusting than anything Donald Trump could do to make us the United States again.

Morality, like truth, isn’t supposed to be a prop, trotted out when necessary to trick the gullible.  Leftists are purveyors of subjective morality, which is a fungible entity, almost always being interchangeable with political expedience.  For them, an act becomes “moral” as soon as it advances whatever goal they seek to accomplish.  When treated to subjective morality from a member of the political party that has entirely eschewed objective morality, we should reject everything that person says the moment it leaves their lips.  Like the limits and prescriptions of the Constitution, they only ever invoke objective morality when they are not in power, and seek to influence those whose emotions have outpaced their intellect. 

There is much work to be done, but we needn’t pause to consider lectures on morality from amoral people.  Those who are still Americans will rebuild what was wrecked by those who have become something else.  While we do so, we would be wise to remember that those who are transitioning from Americans to “something else” are determined to finish the job.  If given another chance, they will happily force us to live in their corrupt, coercive Orwellian zoo.  They won’t rest until they control everything, and we are compelled to do whatever they want, for whatever reason they say.  That is, they won’t rest until we are no longer free people living in the United States, but rather are just a means of funding the overthrow of a country designed to prevent the corruption and tyranny they showed us for eight long, morality-free years.

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