Broken: The Sickening, Stale, and Worn Out Narratives of the Left

It's safe to say Americans on the right are sickened by the same old tired playbook of the left.

Let's face it: using the race card, the gender card, the "stupid" card, the insensitive card, the tax cuts for the rich card, and the "green" card has worked for them.  They have had more than a compliant media; they have had a collusive media that has agreed with the Democrat elites every day for decades, helping them form these nasty narratives about half of the country's population.  It's one of the reasons we ended up with a shell-shocked Republican Party that became ashamed of its own beliefs and its own supporters. 

They became Stockholm syndrome Republicans, incapable of putting up a good fight against these lying, conniving, greedy leftists who stopped long ago caring about whether what they did legislatively, with the courts, or with regulation from the control of Washington bureaucracies actually had a good effect on America.  They weren't helping to make a better country.  The Democratic Party became power-hungry, caring only if they stayed in power, not whether they were doing the right thing.  Unfortunately, too many in the GOP succumbed to this siren song and joined them.

The Trump revolution broke this chain, with its head brilliantly winning against all odds, staging a massive upset.  The left, rather than learn something about themselves, devolved into full petulant toddlers, moaning, whining, shrieking, needing therapy – all the things we've watched since they lost.  They have been pitiful, doubling down on their now failing Alinsky playbook.  Watching their meltdown has been revealing.

Not only are they melting down on college campuses, but their adult voters have failed to step forward to stop their leaders from making total fools of themselves.  Heck, their leaders, including their failed president, are running around making silly excuses for their loss, each of which has shown to be preposterous.  The latest: the Russians "hacked" the election.  That carefully crafted way of phrasing this peculiar (and preposterous) talking point should say it all.

Our GOP senators, representatives, and leadership must remember one thing:  the Democrats have only a stale old Alinsky playbook.  They are simply trying to rekindle these rules to scare our frightened Stockholm members into submitting to their tired set of narratives.  Alinsky rule #1: "Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have."  We, the center right, need to throw off our Stockholm shackles and realize the left is as powerless as it has been in a generation.  Its only power is we.

Their narratives have been busted.  Their media were beaten.  Their corruption was exposed.  Their solutions and programs have been rejected by a large majority of the U.S. electorate – a far greater rejection than their election loss, according to good polls.  The Democrats are lucky to have anything left in the way of power, so let's not fall for rule #1; it's beyond hope for them in the next two years.  The only way the conservative agenda will fail is by people on the right not uniting.  Observing the left's ability to unite around the political and cultural perversion and corruption of the Clinton-Obama clans should show us the way.  If they can unite, circling the wagons around corruption and perversion, surely, we can unite to jump-start the Trump agenda – which, make no mistake, is a great agenda, an agenda that will be good for America and all its citizenry.

Instead of picking apart mistakes by Trump, let's focus on the damage the Democrats have done.  It's legion.  In the guise of economic "fairness," they gave us the worst economic recovery since World War II.  They simply ground to a standstill our economic engine, causing massive unemployment and a job market that gives no hope to Americans for the future.  They ruined our alliances and fed our enemies under a horrifyingly stupid, feckless president and secretary of state.  They laid the groundwork for ISIS to become a power and were virtually useless in dealing with that organization.  They destroyed our borders under the idea that it is racist to have them, flooding us with illegal aliens who don't care a whit about American values of the past, and they steal from our kindness.  They were on the way to destroying health care, paving the way for massive government control of doctors, insurance companies, and yes, us as patients.  The evidence is in: Obamacare was a failure.  They lied to get it passed, they lied to keep it, and they are lying about how good it is now.  Thankfully, most people understand they now have a pig in the poke that costs a ton, and they can't use it.  They corrupted our bureaucracies in Washington, destroying the faith the American citizens had in their government.

They did a lot more damage than this short list, but the point is that they ruined everything they touched.  And it can't be repeated enough.  So do us all a favor: if you want to curry favor with the old failed media to help their narratives in criticizing Trump, just don't.  Bite your tongue, and remind people of the destruction the Democrat fringe left did – repeatedly, because it's true.

I suggest we appropriately use those rules for radicals against the Democrat-media complex.   Follow Trump's advisers; they know how to do it well.  Ridicule the left, because they are absurd.  Pressure them to live up to their own "rules."  It's easy to point out how corrupt, greedy, and power-hungry the Clintons and Obamas are, and those are things Democrats are not supposed to be.  Keep them off balance with pressure daily.  Make them squirm for a change. 

The one Alinsky rule the Democrats seem to have forgotten at this moment is rule #7: "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."  In other words, tactics can be overused, become stale, old, even laughable.  Leftists have made a situation where every member of their opposition for the past two decades is an evil authoritarian, Hitlerian in every way.  They have all been racist.  Sexist.  Homophobes.  Uncaring (unlike them).

For these Democrats, life has become precarious.  They played all of the Alinsky cards beyond anything we have seen prior to this past election cycle.  Trump was so bad, so unfit, so racist, so homophobic, xenophobic, unstable, and Hitlerian, they even tried to get contemptible people to overturn his rightful election in multiple ways.  And they lost.  Lost big.  Over and over.  And will keep on losing, because they ignored rule #7.

Trump is gaining in approval.  He has demonstrated during this transition period that he is measured and competent, and he has appointed a multi-ethnic cabinet that includes strong women.  Once you demonstrate that the leftists' narratives about you have been a lie, the other side has become more than just stale.  They are slowly discrediting themselves.  Not only are we watching them lose their credibility, but we are watching them lose their sanity.

The left, the entire Democrat-media complex, is doubling down on the false narratives that helped lose them the election.  They have forgotten the Alinsky rule that should be sounding loud alarms: these stale, old, and quite laughable narratives are now losers, and they don't know it yet.

We also need to stop quaking in our boots with fear at these ugly, nonsensical narratives the left has been spinning.  They have neutered themselves by their petulance, and I'm guessing they will continue to do so for the next year at least.  It's who they are, and we need to take advantage of their position.  Let's push forward the conservative agenda with Trump and not blow this opportunity to reclaim our country from the toddler left.  We can blow this only by not uniting behind the Trump team, by not pushing with them, or by doing what we have done so remarkably well in the past: become mired in divisiveness among our own, becoming allies of the left by carping at Trump, devolving into the same old circular firing squad.

Enough.  Let's lead in the best manner possible.  Let's keep winning.  It's time.  And it's important.

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